14 Effective Tips For Onboarding Remote Employees

Include cultural touchpoints throughout the onboarding process, like adding them to a fun chat channel or assigning an onboarding buddy. So, starting the onboarding process well will save your company a lot of money and time.

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Onboarding remote employees will contribute to you acquiring the comfort and confidence to contribute positively and productively to your employer’s growth. This is especially crucial when dealing with highly technical jobs. This is the reason why we have drafted a separate article discussing software remote onboarding best practices developer onboarding. Professional growth is a key element to retention, and is something you want to make sure your team members have an understanding of. As time passes and you successfully onboard a stream of new employees, you’ll start to see gaps in the materials or questions that commonly pop up.

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Reckitt, the global consumer products company, sends a care package to new employees’ homes before their start date. It’s filled with the company’s products, and a warm note linking the products to the company’s mission. No matter how well you work out your processes, HR’s work may never be done, at least not in perfecting onboarding for remote employees. “The buddy is the new team member’s point person throughout the onboarding process,” said Christina Ioannou, vice president of HR at Lewis. “The buddy is available for all the ‘silly’ questions, to fill them in on office happenings and add them to the office social channels.”

remote onboarding

A great onboarding experience creates a lasting impression that employees will carry with them throughout their time with your company. Similarly, a negative experience could make them doubt the company’s abilities or sincerity. Onboarding new staff remotely has to be just as effective as onboarding on-premise workers. Additionally, companies have to aware and proactive with regards to the challenges of onboarding new employees remotely. I’ve been working here for three and a half years and have amassed a lot of experience with onboarding team members remotely.

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You can build an ID card for your staff that is sure to draw notice with the help of our Visme ID card template. Visme’s drag and drop template editor makes it easy to change this design in any way you choose. For new employees or HR staff, this Visme template can serve as a useful addition to an agenda or serve as a reminder of a step that has to be taken. It’s still a small amount, but it shows just how much remote work has risen and will continue to expand in the future, even if it’s still a small percentage of the workforce. In fact, it is worth including the request for feedback right from the beginning of the process.

  • As they become more familiar using these , you may experience fewer hiccups when they actually start.
  • It’s the hub your team can use to collaborate, meet, brainstorm, and hang out.
  • Becca Van Nederynen, head of People Operations at Help Scout, found that a lot of new remote employees felt a sense of impostor syndrome.
  • Of candidates say technology wasn’t properly configured when they started their new job.
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