21 Savage Net Worth: From Earnings to Controversies & Charges


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Georgia born rapper 21 Savage experienced childhood in East Atlanta, where he saw his dad managing cocaine and in the long run began administering drugs himself, at age 14. 21 Savage’s Net Worth currently estimates at $4M.

Born initially as Shayaa Joseph, at a youthful age, 21 Savage was found conveying a weapon to class. He was thrown out of that school and a few others and swung to road hustling.

Making of 21 Savage and his career

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Savage had a place with a clan known as “21” and had an alliance with the Bloods. When he was 21 he had two children, and on his 21st birthday he was shot a few times, and his closest companion was killed.

After this, Savage concentrated his vitality on building his rap vocation, and in only barely a year he had arrived on the XXL Freshman List. His leap forward progress originated from discharging mixtapes on the web, and in 2015 he released his presentation collection, “The Slaughter Tape.”

Rapper 21 Savage utilised his vicious foundation as a reason for a lucrative rap profession that has gotten him $4 million.

He released the mixtapes The Slaughter Tape and Slaughter King in 2015. 21 Savage released his first EP Free Guwop in 2015. His second EP Savage Mode (with Metro Boomin) came out in 2016 and came to the 7th place on the US Rap list and additionally #9 on the US R&B/Hip-Hop outline and number 30 on the Billboard 200 graph. He moreover had accomplishment with the subsequent single “No Heart” (with Metro Boomin).

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21 Savage was included on the single “Sneakin'” by Drake which came to 8th rank on the US R&B and 10th position on the US Rap charts. He has likewise teamed up with different artists including Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Meek Mill, Young Thug, and that’s just the beginning. In February 2017, 21 Savage apparently was paid $1 million to perform single night at a Bar Mitzvah.

In addition to his releases, 21 Savage has also recently teamed up with few of the most celebrated names in rap and hip-hop.

He teamed up with rap hotshot Future on “My X,” and was included on Drake’s single “Sneakin’.” Meek Mill additionally highlighted 21 Savage on a track, as did Gucci Mane, on his track “Peekin’“).  His “My X” came to 13th position on the US Rap outline and number 17 on the US R&B/Hip-Hop graph and also 47th rank on the Billboard Hot 100 diagram.

Savage has a few other eminent coordinated efforts underway, with both rap and hip-bounce legends and individual up-and-comers, for example, Lil Yachty, Rich The Kid, Lil Uzi Vert, Ralo, Dreezy, PnB Rock, Young Dolph, and Lil Durk.

These deserve attention!

  1. 21 Savage apparently swung to music after he was shot six times on his 21st birthday in 2013. He nearly kicked the bucket from blood misfortune after one of the projectiles struck his neck, abandoning him with serious nerve harm.
  2. Drake astonished fans when he purchased the Atlanta rapper a shiny new Ferrari for his 24th birthday celebration.
  3. 21’s famous face tattoo is a tribute to his younger sibling Tay Man, who was murdered when he was more youthful. Tay Man at first got the face tattoo to speak to the group they were in. However after he kicked the bucket, 21 Savage got the same ink from a characteristic of regard.
  4. 21 Savage once fought with Tyga over Kylie Jenner.
  5. In spite of the emotional rap name, 21 Savage was called as Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph.
  6. In the same way, as other rappers from Atlanta, 21 Savage admires Gucci Mane.


While 21 Savage hasn’t earned any official honours yet, he’s unquestionably won the regard and appreciation of his companions, with a few of the best-known entertainers in rap and hip-jump teaming up with him. He’s figured out how to become famous without having a record bargain, in spite of the fact that he has his particular engraving, Slaughter Gang.

Something for Social Good

In August 2017, he exhibited his affection for kindness and the place where he grew up in Atlanta, by facilitating the second yearly “Issa Back to School Drive.”

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