How to Activate Google Chrome Incognito Mode on iPad?

A vast number of people have a very famous, colourful, circular icon on their iPad home screen that they use to browse the internet. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s the Google Chrome web browser. Chrome reigns the world of internet web browsers by owning more than 70% of the market share. Its user-friendly interface and customisations give justice to its fame.

Google Chrome has a secret mode which is also known as Incognito mode. This mode is not enabled by default. Chrome incognito mode allows you to browse secretly, without getting your browsing history saved in the browser. You can turn on Google Chrome incognito mode on iPad while surfing the internet.

What does the incognito mode do?

Turning on an incognito mode on your Chrome browser opens a new secret window that curtains your searches. Whatever you search on that window, doesn’t show up in your browsing history. No passwords get saved or keywords remembered! However, your searches may still not be hidden from your internet service provider or employer.

Not just that, this mode can come handy also at times when you want to login to multiple email accounts at once or when you’re using someone else’s device and don’t want your details to get saved.

Steps to Activate Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for iPad users

  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Tap the Chrome menu button present in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window
  3. Select the New Incognito Tab option from the drop-down menu that appears
  4. A new, dark grey coloured window opens up saying- You’ve gone incognito!

And voila, you can browse quickly and secretly like the character that appears with a hat and sunglasses on the upper left-hand corner of the incognito window!

Just close the active tab if you wish to exit the incognito mode and there shall be no footprints of your searches left behind on any iPad.


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