How to Add Safari Website Shortcut on Home Screen of iPad?

You can bookmark your favourite sites on Safari for easy referencing in the near future. But bookmarking still requires you to open the browser and look for the bookmarked site. In short, the process is too cumbersome if you are a regular visitor to any popular web page. How about making the whole process a One-Click affair, where you create a shortcut of your favourite web page on your iPad’s home screen. The website shortcut gels well with the regular app icons and thus will not ruin the homogeneity of the home screen.

If you’re sitting in a public place, I bet your eyes will once or more ponder over people whose fingers are gliding over the iPad, and that is when you lift your eyes from the screen of yours! This is how common the iPad has become. With a swooping 80 million user base, the iPad’s fame surely matches the hype around its name.

And why would it not boast such a grand fan following? Its user-friendly home screen and fast operating features are all a reason for it. The iPad is excellent for surfing the net and here is where the Safari browser comes handy. Safari hosts a sleek and competent interface and makes it very easy to find content on the internet with powerful web and in-page searching.

Get a shortcut icon of a website on your iPad’s home screen

So why waste time when you have to open your favourite site on your iPad. Follow these instructions and get an icon of the website on your iPad homepage.

  1. Open the browser by tapping on the Safari icon.
  2. Go to the web page that you want to add as a home screen icon.
  3. At the bottom of the window, tap on the Share button. The iOS Share Sheet will appear.
  4. Select the option labelled Add to Home Screen.
  5. The Add to Home interface will be visible.
  6. Edit the name of the shortcut icon as you want it to appear on the home screen.
  7. Tap the Add button

And voila! An icon of the website appears on your iPad’s home screen now. The next time you wish to open it, remember that you’re just one click away.


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