Factors Affecting Adult Braces Cost – How to Get Affordable Braces?

The cost of braces varies according to the type of braces used, treatment time and the materials used for the construction of braces. Adult braces cost can range from 3000$ to 6000$ without medical insurance. Not everyone can afford braces as they are highly priced.

Dental braces are a device used in orthodontic treatment to align and straighten the twisted teeth and help to position them according to a person’s bite.


The ideal age for the placement of braces is between 10 to 14 years of age, while the jaw is still growing and teeth are aligning. But braces are not just for kids, the number of adults is increasing who are choosing the orthodontic treatment for placement of braces to get perfectly aligned teeth.

For placement of braces on your denture you will need to contact an orthodontist, and then according to your demands you can choose which type of braces will be best for you.

Why are braces so expensive?

Many people who do not consider an orthodontic treatment because of the cost of braces. Braces are very expensive and are unaffordable for some people.

Ever wondered what makes braces so expensive? Here are some reasons which contribute to the high cost of braces:

Time for the entire treatment

The treatment for braces takes months. Usually, you have to wear braces for over a period of 14 to 18 months continuously.  Generally, you’ll need to visit your orthodontist about every six weeks.

During these visits, the orthodontist adjusts the braces and rubber band sequences and performs any necessary maintenance and adjustments.

Intricate parts

Braces are composed of many different elements that all work together to align your teeth. Different parts have a different role, so each part has its worth of cost. High-quality parts add up to the cost and will enhance the results of your treatment.

Material and supplies

You are not just charged for the solid components of the braces, but other supplies are also used on every visit to your dentist.

You might need a pretreatment before placement of braces like deep cleaning, placement of spacers to make some space, sometimes extraction of the tooth.

You may need retainers to prevent the teeth to back to its original position after the treatment. All materials and supplies which are used for patients assistance during every visit to the orthodontist also add up to the total cost of braces.

How can you get affordable braces?

Sure the braces are expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting orthodontic treatment. There are many ways to aid your treatment and alleviate your financial burden. Here are some ideas that can help you to braces at your affordable price:

Ask for a payment plan

Many orthodontists will help their patients to set up payment plans to pay for treatment over time who are not financially prepared to pay the entire fee at once.

If you pay the entire fee for braces at once, the orthodontist may give you some discount and deduct some costs from total fee.

Many clinics partner up with financing companies who offer flexible payment plans that cost less than regular financing. You can choose plans with little or no interest. This helps to a great extent to make your braces affordable.

Visit a dental school clinic

You can save plenty of your money by going to a dental teaching clinic. You only pay about half of what you would have paid to private orthodontic.

Patients are examined and treated by students for learning purposes. Do not worry, you will get proper treatment as highly experienced faculties supervise them.

Choose the right braces

Unlike Invisalign or lingual braces, which cost 4000$ to 7000$, traditional metal braces are the cheapest option available. Traditional braces only cost 2000$ to 3500$ and are comparatively affordable.

They may not give a magnificent sight, but it’s a great option to ease your financial burden.

Insurance Can Help to Keep Braces Cheap

Dental insurance may be available for adults. They don’t cover the costs of cosmetic treatments. These insurance never fully cover the cost of entire treatment. Plans often cover for children under 18, but adults are getting insurance very difficult.

Call your state’s dental association

Many programs are under action that assists financially weak people, who want braces. Programs like Smiles Change Lives and Smile for a Lifetime Orthodontic Foundation provide free orthodontic treatment to low-income families.

Use Credit Options

Loans and credit cards are another option which can help you pay off the charges for your treatment. You may have to pay interest on these options but, you can pay back in installments.

Dental saving plans

Dental saving pans offer their member discount over a range of dental treatments, and patients can save from 10%to 60%. They also give discounts for cosmetic treatments like braces which are not provided by dental insurance.

You can use discounts whenever you like. There are also no annual limits.


Final words on adult braces cost

Some of you may find it irrelevant to spend no expensive braces, but it can be necessary for some people to fix certain conditions like overbite, disturbance during chewing, misalignment.

These problems are needed to be fixed because they may lead to other dental problem. The upper set and lower set of teeth may not fit together if proper orthodontic treatment is ignored.

Braces are definitely worth its cost, and it can give you a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth which is just priceless.


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