popular advice animals memes

The advice animals memes are just as compelling and funny as the overly attached girlfriend meme or the Scumbag Steve meme. But even if you try to compete them together, the advice animal meme would take the price cos well who does not love animals?!! Most of the animal advice memes consist of either a colourful background in a circular fashion or one colour with different shades of them.

Here in is the list of top 10 best advice animal memes that have the internet ROFLing.

The Advice Dog

This meme was the stepping stone that started the trend of the advice animal memes. It consists of a picture of a dog’s face smiling with a wheeled multicoloured background.

The Advice Dog meme

This is followed by a line written above the dog and one written beneath it. The content written usually is a piece of advice for your miserable life choices in a very exaggerated manner.

Socially Awkward Penguin

This meme has this adorable penguin that is standing in a very awkward, almost clumsy position. It has the background colour in shades of blue again in a wheeled background.

Socially Awkward Penguin meme

The penguin appeared around 2009 and is used in situations that are uncomfortable and awkward for you.

The Courage Wolf

This one also happens to be like a counterpart for the advice dog, but instead of giving you just plain advice, it is used when you want some courage to overcome a difficult situation or have the conversation that you have been trying to avoid for so long.

The Courage Wolf meme

The meme consists of this white and grey, magnificent wolf, almost growling at you to go ahead and do the needful!

Insanity Wolf

This meme can be called as the cousin of the courage wolf, but the catch here is, the insanity wolf aims differently. While the courage wolf wants you to be brave and handle the situation, the insanity wolf is like encouraging you to go and beat the S*** out of the other person who hurt you.

Insanity Wolf meme

The meme consists of a black wolf who has his mouth open as if almost going to kill you. It also includes the shades of black and white in the background that are in a circular motion.

Foul bachelor frog

It is the advice animal meme, all the women in this world have been waiting for. It consists of this green frog, who is smiling almost in a creepy way. It also has shades of green on a colour wheel in the background.

Foul bachelor frog meme

The meme is used when you want to point out the clumsy, lazy and at times the disgusting behaviour of men.

Business Cat

Just like the advice Dog, The business cat also has a colourful background wheel. But he is standing with a rather poker face and no expression at all. The cat is seen wearing a business suit like she literally would not entertain any BS.

Business Cat meme

This meme is used when you are so tired of the controlling and demanding boss at your office.

Paranoid Parrot

This meme consists of the colours Teal and Orange on the colour wheel as background. While in the foreground, this sassy blue parrot is looking at your soul.

Paranoid Parrot meme

This meme is used when you choose to exaggerate during a very normal and solve-able issue. It usually shows your paranoia over the littlest things.

Awkward moment Seal

This meme consists of a very innocent looking seal flashing its big eyes (almost a puppy face).

Awkward moment Seal meme

It is used during the situations when you are super weirded out by someone or have come across a very awkward topic, quite similar to that of the socially awkward penguin.

Confession Bear

The meme that can bring redemption to your guilt of holding on to your secret for too long. It consists of very sin looking bear who is looking at you with his hands on the tree branch.

Confession Bear meme

It is used when you are talking about something super controversial and secretive.

Cocaine Bear

Just like his brother the confession bear, the cocaine bear is considered a significant NSFW meme. It consists of a brown bear whose face is filled entirely with snow.

Cocaine Bear meme

The meme is used when you have seen someone with either too much powder on their face or even snow for that matter that it looks like they have done some serious drugs.