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What’s an affiliate link?

We have an affiliate relationship with several companies, retailers or vendors such as Amazon, SiteGround, etc.

You will find several hyperlinks or links (even in the form of photos) on various articles. Some of which are affiliate links.

An affiliate link is a special hyperlink which has a unique tracking code. If you buy a product via this link, then we earn a small commission on the sale at no extra cost to you.

Sometimes, you may get an additional discount or premium package if you purchase via our website, which you may or may not get otherwise if purchased directly through the retailer’s website.

Nature of affiliate relationship

Please make a note that we may or may not have used a product or service that we recommend.

However, we try our best to compile opinion and reviews of various users across different websites, forums, discussions, etc. and come up with a holistic and comprehensive review about a product or service.

Also, do understand that we do not have any control over these companies or retailers as we share only affiliate relationship.

Therefore, if you purchase a service or product and have any concern or issue, then you should get it resolved directly with the applicable company from which the sale happened.

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