What is the Cost of an Affordable Denture? – Let’s Find Out

Dental health often impacts the overall health and well-being of a person. Most of the people with multiple missing teeth choose to get dentures to enhance their smiles. Moreover, to be able to chew and speak properly. Affordable dentures are a new silver lining for people who have multiple missing teeth and want to get a smile transformation.

Affordable dentures are specialized dental prostheses that are offered in a variety of styles, including full and partial coverage. Affordable dentures come with quality craftsmanship and denture satisfaction. Experienced dental professionals can guide the patient to select the best type of affordable denture suitable for their needs. Usually, affordable dentures come in two series –

  • Standard series – it consists of dentures that are made on-site and can be delivered in a single appointment. Often, the dentist and the lab technician work together to determine the shape, size, and look of the teeth. (1)
  • Deluxe series – it consists of aesthetically more pleasing components. Both the full and partial dentures may take more than one appointment for proper fabrication. However, in some cases, deluxe affordable dentures may be delivered in a single appointment depending on the dental condition of the patient.

What are the factors that determine the cost of affordable dentures?

There is no single universal range of affordable dentures. However, there a series of factors that play a crucial role in determining the cost of affordable dentures for each individual. Some of the elements are listed below –

  • Full Vs. Partial coverage – usually, people with no teeth at all require a complete set of dentures. However, people with multiple missing teeth can choose partial denture coverage. The cost of partial coverage is slightly less as compared to the full dentures. (2)
  • Type of material – typically, dentures are made from acrylic, nylon, polymer, or metal frames. Each material is ideal for different dental conditions and offers a range of benefits for the individual. Such factors play an essential role in determining the cost of the denture.

For example, metal frames are a little expensive as they are strong and durable as compared to acrylic dentures, which hare less expensive.

  • Removable Vs. Fixed dentures – fixed dentures are often placed over implants, which can significantly impact the cost of the dentures. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone. Typically implants act as anchors for the denture. Removable dentures are less expensive as compared to implant-supported dentures. (3)
  • The need for a tooth extraction – in some cases such as immediate dentures, the dentist plans to remove the teeth to place the denture. The cost of treatment may differ depending on the type of specialist you choose for a tooth removal. Usually, prosthodontists or cosmetic dentists charge higher fees as compared to general dentists. Additionally, the number of teeth extracted may also alter the cost of the treatment. (4)
  • Type of payment – if you have dental insurance, the co-payment will depend on the type of denture you choose. Additionally, discount plans or in-housing finance may provide payment options for patients without dental insurance. Medicare or Medicaid usually does not cover the cost of an affordable denture.

What is the cost of affordable dentures?

Considering the factors mentioned above, the cost of affordable dentures may vary from person to person. (5) Let’s breakdown the value of each type of affordable denture –

  • Economy full dentures from the standard series cost around $300 – $600 per arch
  • Economy plus dentures cost between $1000 – $3000 per arch
  • Economy partial dentures cost between $300 – $600 per arch
  • Partial dentures with metal framework cost between $900 – $2000
  • Immediate dentures with surgical extraction cost around $75 – $150. However, without surgical extraction, they may range between $200 – $400
  • Implant-supported dentures are the most expensive, and the cost can shoot up to $24,000 – $90,000 per arch, depending on the number of implants used for support.

Does insurance cover affordable dentures?

Usually, some dental insurance covers the cost of affordable dentures. Often most dental practices provide a dental walk-out statement where you can calculate the co-pay of the treatment and file a claim for insurance coverage.

  • Medicaid services assist adults in obtaining affordable denture and extraction services. However, not all states provide Medicaid coverage for dentures. The best way to access this offer is to search online for locations that have dental practices that offer Medicaid coverage near you.
  • Medicare advantage plan for people above the age of 65 years can benefit them to pay for affordable dentures.
  • Many dental practices have affiliated third party care providers with social service organizations, the government, nursing homes, and even retirement homes. Some hospitals and health agencies are also affiliated with such dental practices. For example, the veteran affairs use denture services offered by affiliated dental practices to cover the cost of treatment.

You can ask your insurance provider before deciding to go for the treatment.


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