What are Affordable Dentures? – Different Types & FAQ

Dentures are an innovative dental appliance that is custom-fitted to replace the missing teeth in the jaw.  Often, dentures are also referred to as false teeth. Typically, dentures can be made from different dental materials such as acrylic, nylon, or even metal. Such frames can be customized to replace one, many, or all the teeth in the mouth. Dentures are commonly used among older adults. However, in recent times, it is also being used by young generations.

With the increasing demand for tooth replacement, the cosmetic dental prosthesis has become quite an expensive option for most people. Keeping this in mind, the concept of affordable dentures was started to provide smile transformation at an economical cost.


Affordable dentures are now offered for full and partial coverage. Currently, there are two popular series of affordable dentures, namely the standard and deluxe. The dentures under both of these series are made with supreme quality and comfort. Today’s article will highlight the types of affordable dentures. Furthermore, we will discuss the cost and denture care.

What are affordable dentures?

As the name suggests, affordable dentures are a set of dental prostheses offered in a variety of denture styles, such as full and partial dentures. These dentures are made from different dental materials like acrylic, nylon, or metal. However, they are much affordable as compared to traditional dentures. (1)

What are the types of affordable dentures?

Affordable dentures can be categorized into two series –

Standard series

The standard set of affordable dentures offer same-day denture fabrication and delivery. These dentures are natural to look comfortable and durable. Typically, a standard set of affordable dentures can be further classified into two types –

  • Economy – as the name suggests, economy dentures are the most affordable option available in dental prosthesis for full or partial coverage. It is customized to the patient’s jaw size and processed by on-site lab technicians.

Usually, the dentist and the lab technician work in co-ordination to determine the correct size, shape and look of the teeth that match the needs of the patient. Since economy denture is fabricated on an on-site dental lab, it is available with same-day service. (2)

  • Economy plus – economy plus denture is made with teeth that are slightly expensive and aesthetically better looking as compared to the economy denture teeth. The dentist may first take a trial by fixing the teeth on a wax base. In this way, the patient can review and see how they feel about the outcome.

Changes can be made accordingly during the trial time. Once the denture is approved, the lab technician custom fits the denture in the permanent acrylic base material. Like, economy dentures, economy plus dentures are also available for same-day service. However, in some cases, it may take a day or two to fabricate the denture.

Deluxe series

Deluxe series of affordable dentures have an enhanced natural appeal and detailed customization. Therefore, these dentures have better fit and aesthetics as compared to the standard series of affordable dentures. Typically, the deluxe series is further classified into two types –


Premium dentures are made from a high-quality material that provides the natural appearance of the smile. Moreover, these dentures have better wear and stain resistance. The denture is customized with high-density denture teeth. (3)

Like economy plus dentures, premium dentures are also fabricated after a denture trial. During the trial, the teeth are fixed on a wax base, and the patient is asked to list down the changes. Once the denture is approved, the lab technician custom finishes the denture in a permanent acrylic base. Additionally, detailed customization is done to give a more natural outcome.

Ultimate fit

The ultimate fit denture is one of the most innovative, affordable dentures. It is typically made with patented high-pressure injection technology. This technique allows the material to fit every contour of the mouth perfectly. Additionally, the ultimate fit dentures are remarkably durable, stain-resistant, and lightweight. (4)

Another quality of ultimate fit dentures is that they are odor resistant. Although ultimate fit dentures take one extra day to be customized. The results are worth the wait.

How to get used to new dentures?

Getting used to new dentures is often challenging for people who are wearing it for the first time. However, time, patience, and will power the key to feel comfortable with the dentures in the mouth. Some of the key factors to keep in mind while getting accustomed to new dentures –

  • Start with a soft diet and gradually introduce more difficult foods to chew.
  • Learn to rest your tongue against the sides or front edge of the lower denture. This way, you will not displace the lower denture. Moreover, you will develop a good tongue and lip control.
  • Follow a good cleaning routine(5).
  • Please take out your dentures during the night and place them in water.


Is there a price list for affordable dentures?

You can always get the fee information for affordable dentures in the following ways –

  • Call the practice directly before booking an appointment and ask for the cost of treatment.
  • You can also get in touch with 1-800-DENTIST to find the best affordable denture provider near you.
  • You can also submit a query form on the website of your dental care provider. They usually email the information brochure with practice fee information for your convenience.
  • Visit the locations tab on the website of your dental care provider to see the fee schedule for the practice.

What insurance do affordable dentures accept?

Often, affiliated dental practices provide an appropriate dental statement for services to people with insurance. However, the cost of affordable dentures is so low that most of the time, the total cost of service is less than the co-pay of the insurance carrier.

How much do affordable dentures cost?

Typically, the price for an affordable denture may vary depending on the type and material used. On average, the cost of affordable dentures may range between $600 – $8000.


Take away message

Affordable dentures are a new revolution in the field of dental prosthesis. They are typically made from acrylic, nylon, or metal and are available for full or partial coverage. Affordable dentures are mainly categorized into standard and deluxe series depending on the cost, appearance, and fit of the denture. Standard series follow basic modules and provide natural-looking dentures at affordable prices.

Deluxe series are made of premium quality; they are stain and odor resistant, more natural-looking, and comfortable to wear. Most of the affordable dentures are available for same-day service. However, some may take an extra day for customization. You can get in touch with your nearest affordable denture service by calling on the helpline or looking up for dental providers online.


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