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The acronym that warns you to beware, AGGY is the abbreviated term for the word Aggressive/ Agitated. This abbreviation is used when you are furious about something or at someone, and you are asking them to back the hell off. It is a very negative form of slang, and when somebody has used it in front of you, you really should back down.

Used mostly in texting and sometimes in status updates and comments. So, you can see this acronym in the top social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. This acronym also has its emoji!

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Alternate words and emojis for Aggy

  1. :@
  2. X(
  3. D:<
  4. Drove
  5. -__-
  6. GUHHH (Annoyed)
  7. AGH


This acronym has also been in use from a very long time, but it had quite a few variations in it. It is an aggy situation when you have to SMH or SMDH because you indeed are not pleased about the situation. Though SMH and SMDH are used in frustrating situations but Aggy is next level.

AGGY or aggy or Aggy is how it is supposed to be written and still mean the same thing. When you use this acronym, you have been irritated beyond your limit and probably have burst out after controlling your anger for quite a long time. It is considered to be the highest form of aggression a person could experience.

You use it in a situation where say somebody went overboard and insulted a person whom you love and respect. Or a situation when a person whom you trust, has broken it brutally, leaving you with nothing but shards.

You can also use it when somebody is continuously irritating you about something despite you warning them and asking them to back off, but they continue to do the same sh*t you ask them not to.


Example 1:

Person 1: I am telling you pl. Don’t test my patience I m really getting aggy in here.

Person 2: no but I won’t budge till you tell me what is wrong!

Person 1: ITS BLOODY YOU!!

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