Is Your Air Mattress Deflating Overnight? – Let’s Find Out Why

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Have you ever gone to bed on a firm, fully-inflated air mattress and woken up in the morning on a soft saggy one? Well, you are not alone. Loss of air in air mattresses is a common phenomenon which most us who own one or have slept on one have experienced. Let’s find out common issues behind air mattress deflating overnight.

So, why do the air mattresses deflate?

There can be many reasons for this like leaky nozzles, punctures and even temperature. Let us look into the various reasons why you find your air mattress deflated by the time you wake up.


1. Improper use

Always read the instructional manual before you use your air bed. Sometimes, if we are in a hurry to inflate the mattress, we can miss out a few steps which are essential for the optimal performance of your air mattress.

Reading the instructions thoroughly and diligently following them will not only help you maintain the air pressure inside the mattress, but it will also help improve the longevity of the mattress.

2. Allow the material to stretch

The material of a new mattress will stretch out during the first few nights of usage. So, it may seem like the air bed has sagged during the night. This sagging is entirely normal for most air mattresses. You can inflate the mattress fully for two or three days without using it for the material to stretch before you sleep on it.

3. Temperature

Temperature variation can directly impact the air pressure in your mattress. You may have filled your air mattress to the optimum level during the day but the lower temperature during the night can condense the air inside the mattress. This condensation can cause the mattress to sag.

You can solve this issue by maintaining the temperature of the room through the night. Place a heater in your room but make sure that it is not placed too close to the mattress as excessive can damage the mattress.

4. Pumping air loss

If you own a mattress with an external pump, you will lose some air every time you detach the pump from the mattress. This loss of air is impossible to plug no matter how hard you try. The other option is to buy a mattress with a built-in pump. Such mattresses are easier to use and maintain.

5. Punctures and tears

Air mattresses are susceptible to holes and ruptures. The more you use them, the more are the chances of them springing a leak. Store them carefully to avoid them getting ripped or torn. Place your air bed on a soft surface like a rug so that any sharp objects on the floor do not damage it.

6. Inflate your mattress in a proper place

Ensure that you have adequate space before you inflate your mattress. Sharp table corners can damage your airbed if the mattress is inflated over it. Make sure the floor is free of all small objects like toys or even pens before you place the mattress over it to avoid punctures. Most of the time the damage is so minor that you won’t even notice the mattress sagging till you wake up in the morning.

7. Nozzle Damage

The opening from where we pump the air into the mattress can get damaged over time. Since it is opened and closed to fill in the air every time, it can become loose. Keep a check on the nozzle so that you do not lose more air every time you open it. Put duct tape over the nozzle if you find that it has become loose. This will prevent further leakage.

8. Do not overload

Do not overload the mattress as this may damage it. If it is meant for two people, don’t use it as a couch for four or five. Don’t allow your children to jump on it as it will get damaged and start leaking.

Tips to increase longevity of air mattresses

Now that we know some of the reasons why air mattresses get deflated, it is time to learn how to prevent damage to your mattress. Here are some tips to increase the longevity of your mattress.

1. Fold it carefully

Fold and store your air bed properly after each use. If you can’t increase the life of your air mattress, this step is essential. The material of the mattress can develop tears and holes if they are not taken care of properly. Most mattresses come with folding instructions in the user manual. Read them carefully and follow them every time to ensure a longer lifespan for your mattress.

2. Maintain the temperature in your room

Now that we know lower temperature during the night can cause sagging in the mattress, we must maintain the correct temperature of the room. Place a room heater in your room to prevent sagging of the mattress.


3. Don’t use it as a couch

Use your air mattress for sleeping only. When you lie down your body weight is evenly distributed on the mattress. Sitting on the edge can apply pressure on one specific area, which can lead to tears.

Lessons learnt

Although all air mattresses will eventually start leaking, we can take a few steps to ensure the longevity of our mattresses. Follow these few simple tips and make you airbed last longer.

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