Alec Baldwin Net Worth
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With a net worth of $65 million, Alec Baldwin is the eldest brother of the Baldwin family and also the most successful one. He earns $8 million annually.

Early Life

Alec was born on 3 April 1958 in New York, US. HE studies acting at ‘Less Strasberg Theatre’ in New York and has performed theatre receiving praise for Macbeth, South Pacific, and Twentieth Century etc. He completed a Drama course from the New York University. Alec Baldwin has been married twice and has four children.

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Earnings included in Alec Baldwin net worth

Movie and TV

  • Alec Baldwin made his debut in Hollywood with an appearance on the show called ‘The Doctors’.
  • His appearance in ‘The Doctors’ received a lot of positive remarks which saw him land a lead role in drama series’ Knots Landing’.
  • He starred on a TV show ‘30 Rock’ which aired from 2006 to 2013 and paid him $300,000 an episode
  • Alec Baldwin also made appearances on many other famous sitcoms such as Will and Grace, Friends and Las Vegas.
  • Alec is one of the few people to have hosted the ‘Saturday Night Live’ series a total of 16 times.
  • He is currently the radio host for ‘The New York Philharmonic This Week.’

His movie career is also no less and helped him cash millions of dollars.

  • He can play versatile roles from comedy to action.
  • Alec Baldwin played minor movie roles in Beetlejuice and working girl in 1988
  • He played the lead role in ‘Jack Ryan in a Hunt for Red’ in 1990 where the movie earned over $200 million worldwide.
  • Released in 1997, the movie ‘The edge’ saw Alec Baldwin earn a total of $7.5 million in salary
  • The cooler, a documentary released in 2003 earned Baldwin a minimum of $650,000

Other famous movies that have helped shape his career are:

  • The departed grossed a $289.8 million worldwide
  • The Aviator made $200 million
  • A streetcar named Desire 1992

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Vehicle Collection

He has a car collection amounting to an estimated $1.6 million. Some of the brands he owns are:

  • Bentley
  • Mercedes CLS 63
  • GM
  • Cadillac Escalade- $63,745

Endorsements and Ventures

  • He is both the host and producer of his daily podcast.
  • He has earned around $14 million from his real estate investments.
  • He invested in stocks of Global Crossing and bonds.
  • He endorsed Capital One Financial Corporation in 2015.


  • He owns a condo in Manhattan, New York which he purchased in 2015 for $2.1 million.
  • His home in Long Island, which is his hometown in East Hamptons, is a farmhouse with four bedrooms, office room and media room. He paid $1.8 million for it in 1994 and had spent an additional $3 million on its customisations and renovations.
  • He also owns a penthouse in Central Park West, Manhattan which he purchased for $11.7 million.


The actor has also written many books, some of which he has written by himself and few others that he has co-written, also makes up for some of his net worth.

  • You Can’t spell America-2017
  • Nevertheless: A Memoir-2017
  • The Art of the rise of the Guardians-2012
  • A Promise to ourselves-2008
  • Lights, Camera ..Travel

At present, Alec Baldwin writes a Weekly column for Huffington post

Social Work

  • Alec has a foundation known as the Alec Baldwin Foundation in 2006. It is involved in human rights, art and culture, health, youth etc. Baldwin has donated $2 – $4 million a year.
  • He was also an environment lawyer
  • He donated $1 million to New York University where he graduated from in the form of grants to help young people.
  • He also supports his mother’s cancer fund and Elton John’s AIDS foundation.
  • Baldwin has donated money to libraries.
  • Baldwin donated $250,000 to the East Hampton Daycare centre.
  • Alec Baldwin also donated $1 million to the New York Philharmonic and $500,000 to the theatre company where he performed and that which helped him towards his future

Other charities and foundations supported by him are:

  • Mercy for Animals
  • Renewable Energy Long Island
  • Wounded warrior project and many more.


Alec Baldwin is a diverse actor and is known for his acting skills and good looks. His career has hardly ever seen a downtrend as the actor keeps surprising the audience and his fans with excellent performance. His worth is said to keep increasing in the coming years.

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