Arc Teeth Whitening Kit – Its Use and Benefits

With the increasing demand, there is a wide range of teeth whitening products available in the market. One among them is the Arc teeth whitening kit. Typically, arc teeth whitening is designed to transform the smiles of millions of people into bright and bold versions. One of the unique features of arc teeth whitening is that it consists of a blue activating light device.

The result of arc teeth whitening can be visible within three consecutive days. Additionally, arc teeth whitening has also proven to whiten the tooth below the surface of the enamel that instantly provides a better shine to the teeth as compared to other teeth whitening products.


Arc teeth whitening kit is easy and safe to use a home. It also comes with an instruction manual to guide people correctly. The blue light can work up to 28 treatments and maintains the brightness of the smile. Today’s article will highlight the features of arc teeth whitening. Furthermore, we will discuss the procedure and benefits of arc teeth whitening.

What is arc teeth whitening?

Arc teeth whitening kit is a clinically proven whitening product that consists of enamel-safe whitening ingredients. The addition of a unique blue light provides a pro-level teeth whitening experience. Moreover, it enhances the tooth color and transforms the smile of the person instantly. (1)

Unlike other teeth whitening products, the arc teeth whitening kit does not contain any extraneous ingredients that may damage the tooth surface. The results of arc teeth whitening are usually visible within three consecutive days of application.

What are the benefits of arc teeth whitening?

Arc teeth whitening comes with a bunch of benefits that are superior to any other teeth whitening product –

  • It comes with a precision applicator that helps to remove the stains from the tooth surface. Moreover, the precision applicator prevents damage to the surrounding gums.
  • The packaging is compact and specifically designed in the form of a travel kit. (2)
  • The arc tooth whitening does not contain any extraneous ingredients. Moreover, it consists of whitening ingredients that are used in professional teeth whitening products used by dentists.
  • The results of teeth whitening can be visible in just three days of application.
  • The arc teeth whitening kit also removes stains below the surface of the enamel.

What does the arc teeth whitening kit contain?

Typically, the arc teeth whitening product consists of the following contents –

  • The whitening kit comes with a pack of 14 arc treatments.
  • Arc whitening strips that contain the bleaching agent. The strips are individually prepared to fit the upper and lower arch, respectively.
  • Arc blue light that activates the bleaching agent and helps in teeth whitening.

How does arc teeth whitening work?

Let’s take a look at the working mechanism of arc teeth whitening –

  • The arc teeth whitening strips are designed explicitly with a no-slip technology. This way, the piece remains on the tooth surface and does not slide down in the mouth.
  • The blue light, also known as the arc smile amplifier, uses LED light that targets the stains present on the tooth surface. (3)
  • The light weakens the chemical bonds between the stain and the tooth surface and provides a cleaner and white smile in just three days of use.

How to use arc teeth whitening kit?

Following are the steps to use arc teeth whitening kit effectively –

  • The first step to whiten your teeth is brushing them thoroughly. Always clean the teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Gently brush each tooth surface to remove the food debris and plaque from the gums and tooth surface.
  • Take the strips and apply them on the top and bottom parts of the teeth. Place the strips on the tooth surface for almost 25 minutes. Put a timer to help you keep track of time. (4)
  • When the timer goes off, use the blue light and place it on the strips for five minutes. The blue light is self-automated and will switch off after five minutes.
  • Use the strips and light for 30 minutes daily. Within three consecutive days of application, you will notice the smile transformation.

What is the cost of arc teeth whitening?

The arc teeth whitening kit provides a pack of whitening strips and light that can be used for 28 treatments. This valuable pack usually costs between $40 – $100.

A note on prevention of tooth stains

It is essential to take proper measures to prevent tooth stains and preserve the shelf life of the tooth whitening treatment. Some of the tips to avoid tooth staining are as follows –

  • Reduce the consumption of tea, coffee, red wine that stains the teeth yellow
  • Avoid acidic food and beverages that can damage the tooth surface and make it susceptible to staining (5)
  • Quit smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Stay clear of food that contains food pigments

Take away message

Arc teeth whitening is an innovative whitening product that provides superior shine to the teeth. It stands out from other teeth whitening products as it contains no-slip whitening strips. Moreover, it consists of a unique blue light that activates the bleaching agent.

The bleaching ingredients of arc teeth whitening kit are similar to those used in professional tooth whitening treatments. This makes it superior in quality as compared to other whitening products.


Arc teeth whitening kit is economical and easy to use. Moreover, this kit can be used for 28 treatments. The results of teeth whitening using the arc whitening kit are usually visible in three consecutive days. It is essential to stay clear of foods and beverages that may stain your teeth to increase the effectiveness and longevity of the teeth whitening products.


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