Aditi Singh

What is Cloud Computing? A Guide For Beginners

Cloud computing is defined as the delivery of decentralized computing resources and hosted services over the network (mainly internet). The services provided by the cloud service providers fall under three main models namely Iaas, Paas and Saas.

Loopback IP Address – What Purpose It Serves?

The purpose of the IP Address is to loop back to the same address and establish a connection to the system used by the end user.

Network Routers – Types and Selection Criteria

A Router is an electronic device that is used to connect two or more networks. Broadband, wireless, Edge etc are some of the types of router.

Introduction to Wireless Speakers? How to Choose One?

Wireless speakers let you play music remotely, without using the wire cables. They can work either with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you’re a music lover, then Wireless speakers are worth trying.

What is the Windows Firewall and How to Disable it?

Windows firewall is a security software which is available on your Windows systems and protects it from different kinds of network threats. It needs to be kept on but can be disabled easily by following some easy steps.