Alankrita Deb Roy

What is a Bit in Computer Networking? Know Kilobit-Megabit-Gigabit

Shed off your confusion regarding a bit, a kilobit, a megabit and a gigabit. Know the definition of a bit & recognize how the SI prefixes like kilo, mega, giga, tera, etc. express the higher order of magnitudes of a bit to quantify any digital data or its rate of transfer in computer networking.

IP Addresses – Versions, Classes and Modes of Addressing

Here find the details about versions, classes, and modes of IP addressing in the network. Know how IP addresses manifest in IPv4 and IPv6 with details of classes A, B, C, D and E. Identify the characteristics of unicast, broadcast, multicast & anycast mode of IP addressing.

Subnet Cheat Sheet – A Tutorial and Thorough Guide

Here is the vivid picture of subnets, subnet mask & step-by-step process of subnetting. Know how subnetting is of immense importance in determining network size, assigning host IDs & maintaining sensible & internal segregation of interfaces connected to a network.