Dr Baani Adhvaryu

Baani has done BDS. She enjoys reading in her free time. Her weak spots are quirky stationery and witty puns. She is currently interning as a dentist and plans to pursue a career in the research-oriented domain of public health.

Toothache During Pregnancy – How to Avoid Them?

When you are planning to have a baby, make a dental visit for all your restorative work, or any prophylactic treatment. Also, there are several home remedies, such as clove, peppermint leaves, tea rinse, etc., for a toothache that are safe during pregnancy.

What are Dentures made of? Let’s Find Out

Ever wondered what are dentures made of or the materials that make up your prosthesis? Porcelain, acrylic resin and metal are the common materials used for fabricating a denture.

Stainless Steel Crown Can Save Your Child’s Tooth

Stainless steel crowns are pre-fabricated and available in different sizes, to suit your child’s needs. They are also very cost effective. They are more economical than multi-surface tooth restorations.

Everything About Teeth Reshaping With Cost

If the tooth is slightly out of place then the dentist can directly work on that particular tooth to re-shape it and use an aesthetic resin on it if required. Contouring is a newer method to re-shape a particular tooth or teeth by trimming and polishing it.

Excessive Saliva or Hypersalivation- Causes and Treatment

Hypersalivation or excess saliva is a condition where the salivary glands produce excess saliva. More than a disease itself, it is a secondary condition because of some other disorder. Medically, the term is ptyalism.

Leukoplakia – Why is it dangerous?

The characteristic oral appearance of leukoplakia is of a white patch. It can be greyish to yellowish. Common sites in the mouth are the inner cheek lining, the floor of the mouth and the under surface of the tongue. These patches are not usually painful. But they are sensitive to heat, cold and irritation.