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Jaspreet has done Master in Technology Science (Research) from IIT Delhi. Her area of expertise is in masters thesis on neuroimaging tools and their application in the study of addiction. She enjoys reading and teaching.
Megabits to Megabytes difference

Megabit vs Megabyte – How to Convert Megabits to Megabytes?

You can convert Megabits to Megabytes by dividing by 8. Usually, Megabits is used to measure network speed, whereas Megabytes is used to measure the file size or storage device. 1 Megabit = 1000000 bits and 1 Megabytes = 1000000 bytes. You can write Megabyte as MB & Megabit as Mb
How to Access Router Settings

How to Access Router Settings & What Are Essential Network Router Settings?

Some of the typical router settings include internet username & password, MTU, wireless protocols, channel number, SSID, security options, etc. let's see how to access router settings. You should know the IP address of your router for which you have to type ipconfig/all on the command prompt on your PC
what is a domain name

What is a Domain Name? – Explanation With Examples

Domain name is a string used to identify a resource on the Internet. Domain names are strings of text that are human readable. They are easier to remember than IP addresses. DNS servers translate domain names into their corresponding IP addresses which are 32-bit numbers or 128-bit numbers
what is an ethernet card

What is an Ethernet Card? – Know How to Make It Work on Wireless...

Ethernet card is also known as network interface card (NIC). It is a piece of hardware that allows a computer to connect to your Ethernet network. When you plug this expansion card into a computer bus, you get networking facilities. Common supported n/w speeds of an ethernet card are 10 & 100Mbps, 1Gbps
feature and function of router

Features & Functions of a Router – Are You Getting Maximum?

Home routers come loaded with various functions & features such as NAT, data transfer, resource sharing, Gigabit Ethernet, IPv6 support, WPS, Guest n/w setting, parental controls, VPN server, port forwarding, UPnP, etc. Knowing all these functions of any router can enhance your internet experience.
fiber optic cable

Everything About Fiber Optic Cable – Know What to Choose & When

A fiber optic cable is a type of network cable which uses thin & flexible glass fibersfor communication. It works on the optical properties of glass, hence the name fiber optic cable. There are two types of fiber optic cable as single mode & muti-mode. Single mode cable is cheaper than multi-mode cable

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