Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet has done Master in Technology Science (Research) from IIT Delhi. Her area of expertise is in masters thesis on neuroimaging tools and their application in the study of addiction. She enjoys reading and teaching.

How to Reset Router? – Difference b/w Reset, Reboot, Soft Reset & Restart

You may have to reset router if you forget your router’s administrative password and network's wireless security key. Router reset option will wipe off usernames, passwords, custom ports, wireless key, custom DNS servers, etc. Press the tiny button labelled as RST on the router for 30 seconds to reset

Everything About IP Routing Table

All IP nodes present on the network have IP routing table in a small database. The database or routing table is managed by the device's firmware. When a packet arrives at a node, it extracts the destination IP address and looks for the routing table for cost optimised paths & accordingly selects next hop

What is a DNS Cache? – Know Why do You Need to Flush DNS

When you visit a webpage for the first time, your computer requests the DNS server to translate the domain to its IP address. The computer stores this mapping locally as a temporary database. This temporary database is called a DNS cache. You can flush DNS cache by 'ipconfig /flushdns’ command on windows

Network Sniffer Software – Learn Basics, Types & N/w Sniffing Tools

Network sniffing is a method to monitor & analyze data packets being communicated over a network. It is also called snooping, packet sniffing, network probing, etc. Network sniffing can be done for both ethical & unethical reasons. Some network sniffer software are wireshark, tcpdump, snort, capsa, etc.

What is web 2.0 & Why It Came in Existence?

Web 2.0 is the second generation of the web. The term web 2.0 was coined in 2004 & represents the current state of online technology that enables interaction & collaboration. Web 2.0 is a more organised dynamic web, which is an improvement on the first-generation web 1.0, which had mainly static content.

What is the WiFi Range of Your Wireless Network? Know How to Increase It?

Range and speed mainly characterise any wifi network present commonly in different homes or offices. Multiple factors, such as radio frequency used for transmission, the wireless standard, the layout of your home or office, antenna orientation, line of sight, etc., which can influence wifi range