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What is Network Latency – Definition and Effects

Latency is a measure of time taken for a data packet to transverse through a network. In loose terms, latency can also be called a delay. A network with lower latency means faster network. Network latency is usually measured in milliseconds. You can use ping tests, traceroute etc to measure latency.

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Web Browser – Know Everything Around a Browser

A Web Browser is a software application which helps us to explore any website on the internet. Any website is made up of various web pages and different kinds of files. A browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., help in putting together these web files and presenting nicely in front of us, so that we understand everything.

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Bandwidth Control – Do You Know How to Enable It?

The bandwidth control feature is present in the software, such as download manager, NetLimiter, Torrent Client, etc., to control network bandwidth. This feature allows you to precisely define the amount of a bandwidth that a particular application can use for downloading or uploading the data over a network.

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Bandwidth Throttling – How to Find Out If It is Happening with You?

Bandwidth Throttling is the process of intentionally slowing down the bandwidth provided by the ISP or internet service provider or a network administrator on a business network. Sometimes, bandwidth throttling happens when you access bandwidth consuming websites related to video streaming, such as Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, etc., Torrent, file sharing applications, etc.

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How to Hide IP Address? – Using VPN, Proxy or TOR

Whenever you visit a website, you leave a trail of activity in the form of your device IP address. Sometimes you do not want to expose yourself to the outside world and wants to hide IP address. You may not have control over ISP since IP address allocation is dynamic, but you can hide IP address with the help of VPN, proxy or TOR.

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How to Setup VPN on iPhone via Inbuilt & 3rd Party Apps?

The Newer versions of an iPhone and iPad have built-in VPN support. This makes it easy for you to setup a VPN connection on your iPhone. Moreover, you can also create a connection with the OpenVPN networks as well as other VPN networks by installing 3rd party applications such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, TunnelBear, etc.

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7 Benefits of VPN that You Should Know

Some benefits of VPN include hiding your device IP address, securing the network while accessing public Wifi hotspots, cost saving compared to traditional leased dial-up connections, online anonymity, ads blocker, etc.

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