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PaaS (Platform as a Service) – Explanation and Advantages

Platform-as-a-Service, abbreviated as PaaS, is a type of cloud computing model describing the concept of delivering a computing platform as an integrated solution or service over an internet connection.

What is Cloud Storage – Definition and Types

A cloud service model that stores all the users’ data on remote servers is a Cloud Storage. It can be maintained, modified, managed and made remotely accessible to the user by the cloud service provider over any network, mainly the internet.

Is Your Business Ready to Take Off on Cloud – Find Advantages

Cloud computing is a way of delivering various computing services like servers, storage etc over the internet. Despite its exponential growth and adoption in the world, cloud computing also has certain disadvantages.

Best VPN for Torrenting – VPN Ensures Security and Privacy

VPN not only hides your identity but it also encrypts the data. So you get security as well as privacy while torrenting.

Facts About Network Directory Services – Learn LDAP and AD

A network directory Service is an exclusive database containing information about applications, devices, users and other related information. LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and Microsoft Active Directory are the two most commonly used terminology in this area.

Introduction to Client-Server Networks

The client-server network is a computer networking model where at least one of the computers (called server) is used to “serve” other computers (called clients). Examples of some of servers include mail server, file server, and web server.