Kuheli Joardar

What is Cloud in Cloud Computing? Are You Aware?

The cloud is used as a metaphor for the internet to explain how remote servers can be used to access data and services. Some of popular Cloud Services are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Best Anti Malware – A Comprehensive Study With Guidelines

Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Eset, etc. are some of the popular anti-malware applications which offer all-round protection to your system and secure your data from any malware attacks

Free Antivirus for Android phones – A Quick Guide

AVL, AVG, Avast are some of the free antivirus softwares for Android devices. They can be installed to keep your mobiles secure.

What is Virtual LAN (VLAN)? – A Beginner’s Guide

A virtual local area network, abbreviated as VLAN, is a collection of devices that are grouped together from different physical LANs and are configured in a way as if they are attached to the same wire.

Gzip – How to Compress and Decompress a File?

Gzip is extensively used in compressing files and streaming media. Besides, it can also concatenate and compress several streams at the same time.

What is Computer Virus? How do Viruses Spread?

A virus is a piece of malicious code that interferes with the normal functioning of a system and damages the way it operates. It is self-replicating in nature and copies itself or attaches itself to other legitimate programs and runs when that program runs.