Kuheli Joardar

What is Static IP Address? Do You Need One?

The static IP address is a permanent IP address allotted to a computer by the Internet Service Provider. It is "static" as it does not change. Though there are advantages, it is costly and insecure as well and so should be used only when needed.

What is IPv6 Address and Why It is Important to You?

IPv6 is the latest Internet protocol to cope up with the running out of ip addresses provided by the older protocol, IPv4. Though migration to IPv6 is essential, do you know why its deployment is taking time?

What Exactly is Telnet and What does Telnet do?

Telnet is a popular text-based network protocol which is designed for remote access to other computers over the internet. The default port is 23. It is being phased out in favor of ssh which is more secure.