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What does NVM mean?

NVM is the abbreviated term for the phrase Never Mind. It also belongs to the responsive abbreviations lot which includes nm, YWA, LMK, IGHT to name a few. The slang is quite helpful if you want to avoid the anticipated awkward conversation with your best friend, mother, or a creepy guy. It is also a much more preferred response instead of nm (Nothing Much) since it acts as a conversation ender.

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What does S4S mean on Instagram and other Social Networking sites?

One of the most popular and trending hashtags, S4S or s4s, is the abbreviated term for the phrase Shoutout for Shoutout. The 4 in the middle acts like the short form of ‘for’. By putting up this acronym in the form of a hashtag, you can get noticed and immensely popular. That way it helps you to build a much stronger brand and reach out to more and more people.

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What does OML mean?

Do you know what does OML mean? An acronym that mentions the almighty before you say it! OML is the abbreviated term for the phrase Oh My Lord. It is quite similar to the phrase Oh My God or OMG. So regardless of which one you use, it means the same thing, and both of them remind you of god. OML is a very popular hashtag in those viral videos we see every day.

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What does YWA mean?

This acronym is also a responsive slang just like TY, TTYL or NM. YWA is the abbreviated term for the phrase – You’re Welcome Anyway. The term YWA is an alternate term for YW which stands for You’re Welcome. Though YW is a typical response to a pleasant Thank you, YWA can mean lot other things as well. The slang is seen a lot in texting, in apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike or Messenger.

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What does SJW mean? What is its significance in the society?

This acronym is rather a unique one since it isn’t a common chatroom slang. It represents a whole bunch of individuals who make use of the online mediums (usually social media sites and blogs) to raise their voices and opinions. The acronym is the abbreviated term for the phrase Social Justice Warriors. These are people who voice their concern and talk about topics that are usually sensitive and controversial.

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