Manish Madhukar

Manish is an avid learner and he likes trying new things. He has a keen interest in reading and especially in Indian philosphy of vedic origin. Writing is his newly found love and he likes to write in the area of yoga and healthy life style. Sharing happiness is his mission.

A Comprehensive Guide to List Skills for Resume

Listing good skills for resume is an art. And you have a higher chance of success if you know the list of good skills for resume and how to highlight them. Your skills should be relevant to the job and the company. They should also be prominent and visible from your resume.

Do You Know How to Use Phone as Hotspot?

Do You Know How to Use Phone as Hotspot? It is a very convenient way of enabling internet access to your laptop, tablet and other devices. It is quite secure, convenient and supports encryption protocol like WPA2.

What is Wireless Internet Service – Mobile Broadband, Satellite Internet & Many More

Wireless internet Services means accessing internet without any attached cable. Satellite Internet, cellular broadband and Public Wifi are the different types of wireless service. They are popular because of the convenience and mobility that they offer. With time, they are getting faster and reliable.

What is My Default Gateway IP Address? On Windows, Mac & Linux OS

What is My Default Gateway IP Address? Default Gateway IP address is the IP address of the gateway through which one connects from one network to another network. Router is a common example of the default gateway. Most common way to locate this IP address is “ipconfig” on windows.

What is a Cover Letter Sample & How to Write One?

A cover letter is an important piece of your job application which goes along with your resume. It allows you to present yourself even before you appear face to face. Dig into this article to understand what is a cover letter and how to write a good one. You will also get one cover letter sample.