Manna Khare

Manna is an engineering graduate and currently pursuing masters. Technology has always fascinated her and that why she has been doing technical writing for the last 5 years.

How to Clear Cookies in Most Popular Browsers on Desktop & Mobile?

Internet cookies, also commonly known as Browser Cookies or HTTP Cookies are the piece of information that a website saves on your computer. Hit a combination of keys on computer keypad as Ctrl+Shift+Del on Windows or command+shift+delete on macOS and select cookies option and clear data

How to Clear Cache in Different Browsers on Desktop & Mobile?

The quickest method to clear the cache in any browser is by hitting combination of keys on keyboard as Ctrl+Shift+Del on Windows OS or command+shift+delete on macOS. However, there is also set of easy steps on different browsers for clearing the cache. Let’s learn how to clear cache in different browsers.

What is Cache? Cache Definition & Different Types of Cache

What is cache? The cache is a memory which carries the copy of the original data. So, whenever the same data is searched over time, and again, the data is picked from the cache and not from the main system memory. Different types of cache are disk cache, server cache, browser cache, database cache, etc.

What is a Computer Protocol? Learn Different Types of Computer Protocols

A computer protocol is the set of rules that helps computers to communicate with each other or helps them in transferring data over the internet. These are governing rules & instructions that each computer has to follow. There are different types of protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, FTP, TCP, IP, etc.

Basics of Wireless Network Security – How to Improve Home Wifi Security?

If proper wifi security settings are not in place then it can be unauthorizedly accessed by third parties & sometimes even lead to DoS attacks. Wireless network security covers the methods by which you can secure your Wifi network. Change the default SSID name & IP address. Put wifi router in the middle