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Manveen is a mother of a super active 7-year-old. While chasing her around the house, she also finds time to pursue her passion for writing on parenting, education, health, fitness and entertainment.

Tilapia Fish – Nutritional Facts, Benefits, & Health Risks

Tilapia is one of the oldest farm-raised fish in the world. Over 135 nations around the globe raise this fish (1) with China being the biggest producer. The three main species available in the market are – Nile or Black tilapia, Blue tilapia and Mozambique tilapia fish. Tilapia feed on algae or small aquatic plant and are primarily raised in freshwater systems using cages, ponds, raceways and open waters.

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How to Boost Metabolism in 13 Natural Ways?

Do you know how to boost metabolism? While we can’t change our age, gender and genetics, there are several ways through which we can boost our metabolism. Some of the ways to speed up metabolism are having a protein-rich diet, consume healthy fats, building muscle, drinking black coffee and green tea, etc.

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12 Best Home Remedies for UTI or Urinary Tract Infections

The conventional method of treating UTIs is antibiotics, but many bacteria have become antibiotic-resistant. So, it is essential that we use home remedies for UTI treatment and prevent its reoccurrence. Drinking plenty of fluids, having probiotics, garlic, parsley water, etc. are some easy to follow home remedies for UTI.

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