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Dr Neha Gupta is a Dentist by profession. She has got a beautiful smile and wishes same for everyone by maintaining good oral health & hygiene. She loves to write about Health and Life Style.

Quiz – How Familiar Are You With Game of Thrones Characters

With 550+ listed characters, GoT is not much easy to follow. Play this quiz and test your knowledge about Game of Thrones Characters.

Quiz – Amazing Facts About NASA’s Space Shuttle

With a project cost of $209 billion, the Space shuttle program was an ambitious program by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA. There...

Quiz – Game of Thrones – The Popular Fantasy Television Drama

No one needs a reminder of how popular this American epic drama series is. Are you a real Game of Thrones fan? Find it out yourself.

Quiz – Curious About Mars? Test Your Knowledge

After the Earth, Mars is said to be the most hospitable planet to live. Play this quiz and find out how much you know about the red planet.
black hole

Quiz – Black Hole is Still a Mystery. How Much You Know?

A black hole is a mystical object with a large amount of matter packed in a small area. Explore some surprising facts with the quiz.
bad breath or halitosis may cause embarrassment

Halitosis or Bad Breath – Cause, Symptom, Diagnosis & Treatment

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is prevalent in 50% Americans and between 20% to 30% in Indians. Bad breath may not impede you from following a daily routine but can become a reason for you to live in anxiety and embarrassment. If you are a victim of Halitosis, then you will avoid close encounters with people.

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