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Rachna is a doctor in the making, avid reader and book lover. She is currently learning to heal people with the magic of Ayurveda. She is a rational person and believes in simple living & high thinking.
pitta dosha balance

Is Your Pitta Dosha Imbalanced? Find Symptoms & Solution?

Pitta governs our digestion, heat, visual perception, endocrine function, hunger, thirst, complexion, intelligence, & courage. So, it is vital to keep it balanced.
kapha balancing diet

All About Kapha Balancing Diet – Balance Your Kapha

kapha balancing diet include those that improve digestion & metabolism. Include dry, warm, & light foodstuffs & avoid sweet and salty taste.
Kapha Dosha Imbalance

Is Your Kapha Dosha Imbalanced? Find Symptoms & Solution?

Kapha dosha is vital to be kept balanced. After all, it is responsible for giving firmness, stability, & structure to the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Common Cold or Flu – Herbs & Home Remedies

Cold or Flu is usually due to aggravated kapha dosha, which accumulates in bodily channels. Ayurveda recommends various herbs, detoxifying diet, spices, yoga, & other measures to treat it.
ayurveda for fever

Ayurveda for Fever – Treats the Cause Not Just the Fever

Ayurveda treats fever as the body’s friend, not an enemy. It states that the purpose of fever is to expel the toxins and germs out of the body and so fever is a natural defense mechanism rather a problem itself.
hypothyroidism natural treatment ayurveda

Ayurveda for Hypothyroidism – Heal Without A Pill

Ayurveda considers hypothyroidism as a state of suppressed Agni (digestive power). It can surely remove your dependence on synthetic pills.

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