Rekha Harish

She is a technology fan and has specialization in computer science & patent practice. She stays busy either writing articles or spending time with diverse books in the library. She draws inspirations from ancient mythological and historical India. In her leisure time, she is always surrounded by little kids.

How to Check Internet Speed? – Know These Free Internet Speed Test Services

How to check internet speed? You want this data before you complain it to anyone. Fortunately, there are several website services and software to carry out free internet speed test. They are,,,, DownTester (Nirsoft), JD auto speed tests, etc.

Computer Networking Basics – Learn With Real Life Examples

To understand the computer networking basics, you need to understand at least a few important things such as computer network architecture, basic building blocks of any computer network, such as routers, network switches, IP address, DNS, etc., different communication models and services.