Dr Romani Banerjee

Romani has done BDS. She is the tooth fairy who is not going to leave a penny under your pillow when you lose a tooth, rather she is going to tell you tales on how not to lose one! She has done BDS.

When Do Babies Start Teething? Better to Be Prepared

Teething begins at the age of 6 months. The first teeth to appear in your baby's mouth are the lower front teeth or mandibular central incisors. The upper front teeth erupt simultaneously around the same age up to 8 months of age. By the age of one, your baby will get canines and molars will follow a few months after that.

How to Cope Up with Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia?

You tend to avoid the dentist for so long that you end up losing a tooth. Causes of dental phobia and anxiety include an apparition of pain, helplessness, embarrassment and negative past experiences on a dental chair.

Are You Suffering from Tooth Nerve Pain? Causes and Remedies

If you have an eroded or broken tooth, the chances of you getting nerve pain in your tooth increases. Chipped teeth often have an exposed pulp (soft tissue of your teeth). The pulp comprises all the blood vessels and nerves in your teeth.

Will you Benefit from Dental Composite Bonding Treatment?

Composite bonding will benefit you if you have healthy teeth and gums. But if you have teeth grinding habits, misaligned teeth, loose teeth or gum problems, then the composite is not for you.

Dental Impressions – Uses, Procedure, and Possible Cause of Discomfort

A dental impression helps your dentist replicate your teeth and jaws into a dental cast. Impressions help a dentist to work on your mouth even when you are absent. It reduces your chair time and gives you accurately fitting prostheses.

Burnt the Roof of Your Mouth? Symptomatic Relief Methods

When you eat something too hot all of a sudden, you tend to burn the roof of your mouth better known as the palate. The palate is the most sensitive part of your mouth. The palate has a very thin lining of tissue and no insulation because of the absence of fat cells. Hence, it is an easy target for food burns.