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Writing is her way to express her thoughts and emotions. Travelling and adventure count as her hobby. She is a spiritual person and self-motivated. She likes to stay simple both with her thoughts and lifestyle. She loves to smile and make other smiles.
what do dogs dream about

Quiz – Sleep & Dream Interesting Facts. How Many You Know?

Sleep is a natural phenomenon that relaxes the mind and body. But do you know hormones and dreams can affect your sleep?
vitamins for hair growth

Quiz – Vitamins are Vital for Health. How Much are You Aware?

Vitamins and Minerals are essential elements present in the human body. Most of the vitamins need to be consumed by the use of external sources, mainly food. Find out how much are you aware of them.
Boy workout

Quiz – Are You Really a Workout Freak? Lets See if You Indeed are?

One of the most refreshing ways to stay fit is to work out. If you consider yourself a fitness freak this quiz can be of your interest.
girl prayer

Quiz – How Does Meditation Keep You Mentally Fit?

One of the ways to keep your mental health balanced is by practicing Meditation daily. Well, let's see how much do you know about this technique of mental healing.

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