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Dr Shreya Ghosh

She is a dentist with a mission to increase your knowledge about oral health. She will help you to maintain a good oral hygiene and take care of your teeth and gums through one article at a time.

5 Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy prevents the need for tooth removal, but root canal treatment has a few limitations. The treatment doesn’t come with a 100% guarantee, and the procedure can fail at times. Alternatives to root canal treatment are tooth extraction, ozone therapy, laser root canal therapy, diet changes, and pulp capping.

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Dysgeusia – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dysgeusia or taste impairment is a taste disorder and can occur due to an underlying disease such as sinus infection, common cold, diabetes, etc. Altered taste perception has an adverse effect on the quality of life. Zinc supplements, changing medications, quitting smoking, taking good oral care, etc. are some ways to get rid of dysgeusia.

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