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She is a dentist with a mission to increase your knowledge about oral health. She will help you to maintain a good oral hygiene and take care of your teeth and gums through one article at a time.
Antimicrobial Therapy

Antimicrobial Therapy for the Treatment of Gum Disease

Antimicrobial therapy is the administration of antimicrobials which deter bacterial growth or kill harmful bacteria. Antiseptics are used to prevent gum disease, and antibiotics are used to treat existing periodontal disease. Antibiotics are also used to treat acute cases of periodontal disease such as abscesses, ulcerative gingivitis, etc.
wisdom teeth anesthesia

Different Anesthesia Options for Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you go for wisdom teeth extraction, your dentist will let you know various types of anesthesia options available such as sedation anesthesia, local anesthesia, general anesthesia, etc.
before brace treatment

Points to Keep in Mind Before You Go for Brace Treatment

It is essential that you be prepared on a few perspectives before you go for brace treatment. Some of them are the cost of treatment, choice of braces, treatment time, pain or discomfort involved, etc.
toothpaste on cold sore

How Effectively Does Toothpaste Cure Cold Sore?

Cold sores appear on the skin surface around the mouth or on the lips. They resemble fluid-filled blisters, and causative organism usually is the herpes simplex virus. Toothpaste on cold sore could be effective in reducing pain and healing period. But this home remedy does not heal cold sores overnight.
Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy

Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy – Why is It Necessary?

You need a dental crown after root canal therapy because post this treatment your tooth will become fragile, there could be a chance of coronal leakage and lastly, crown increases the durability of the permanent restoration.
Yeast Infection in Throat

Yeast Infection in the Throat – Treatment, Prognosis, and Prevention

Overgrowth of Candida species of fungi causes yeast infection in the throat. Candida is present in healthy individuals and is kept in check by our immune system and the good bacteria present in our mouth. Some effective home remedies for yeast infection are saltwater rinse, gentian violet application, etc.

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