Babyface Net Worth

Kenneth Edmonds, widely recognised by his stage name Babyface, is a famous American songwriter, film and record producer rose to his prime in the late 80s and 90s with his exceptionally amazing songs. Babyface net worth is a whopping $170 million today. He has earned millions from his albums and as a film and record producer. Babyface has given various hit songs that became famous not only in America but reached different corners of the world. He has also invested his earning across multiple house properties.

Early Life

Kenneth Brian Edmonds was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended North Central High School. As a shy kid, he found a way to express his emotions by writing songs.

When he was in eighth grade, Babyface lost his father to lung cancer, and by this time he had made up his mind to pursue a career in music.

Babyface was married twice before his current wife, Nicole. He was first married to Denise and then to Tracey Edmonds with whom he terminated the marriage after thirteen years of togetherness.



Babyface soon collaborated with various artists to perform, including funk performer Bootsy Collins, who gave him the stage name ‘Babyface’ for his youthful looks. He even played with the group Manchild as a guitarist and with R&B group The Delee as a keyboard player. He remained in the Delee up until 1988, after which he left the group.

Babyface rose to prominence as a songwriter, when he wrote the tune “Slow Jam” for the R&B band Midnight Star, which received massive radio airplay.

Babyface has written and produced over 26 number one R&B hits throughout his career and has won 11 Grammy Awards.


Babyface has been an excellent writer ever since he was a kid. During the 80s, he wrote and produced music for various artists like Bobby Brown, Karyn White, Paula Abdul and Sheena Easton. The songs that he wrote for TLC became the best selling album by an American Girl Group. He even wrote songs for Tony Braxton, and over 10 million copies of the albums got sold in America alone.

Apart from being a writer, Babyface Edmonds has also been a producer for numerous performers. Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Brandy, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Lil Wayne, TLC. The list is endless.

His ‘I’m your Baby Tonight’ song, released in 1990 was his first No.1 top 40 hit in the US. His various other songs like ‘End of the Road’, ‘I’ll make love to you’, ‘Bedtime Stories’ and ‘Exhale’ have hit the No.1 spot in numerous charts.

Actor and Film Producer

Not willing to limit his success story to music, Babyface Edmonds has even made a journey towards acting. He has appeared on various TV shows and films. Beverly Hills, 90210, Celebrity duets, Whitney, Toni Braxton and Dancing with the Stars, etc. to name a few.

To expand his business, he along with his then-wife Tracey Edmonds established Edmonds Entertainment Group and began to produce films such as Josie and the Pussycats and The Prince of Egypt.

Edmonds also worked on the official song of 1996 Summer Olympics Power of Dream, which was performed by Celine Dion.

Soda Pop Records

The co-founder of LaFace Records, founded his record label Soda Pop Records in 2009, after which he has signed R&B icons K-ci & JoJo. Babyface has also secured a distribution deal with E1 Music for the label.

Babyface Net Worth

The net worth of the songwriter, composer and film producer baby face is $170 million. Babyface Edmonds has been divorced twice until now, and it would be entirely wrong to think that the divorce settlements have had no effects on his net worth. Anyway, Babyface has still managed to maintain his net worth consistently involving himself in various ventures.

Houses and Cars

He initially lived in his home in Beverly Hills, California which got sold for $8.5 million later. He owns a house in Rancho Cucamonga, CA which cost him $780,000 and another house in Las Vegas which was bought way back in 1996 for $255,000. Babyface also has his studio built inside his home.

He owns a Mercedes Benz which his bought for $55,000 in 2014.

Babyface is well-liked by many for his works, and there is even a 25-mile stretch of Interstate 65 in honour of Babyface Edmonds in Indianapolis.


Babyface Edmonds began his career on a smaller level and had grown to a great extent that he has collaborated and worked with various other world-famous artists. He has successfully expanded his business with every single mile of growth. From a songwriter to a film producer, Babyface Edmonds surely has come a long way.

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