What Does BAE Mean?

BAE, the acronym for love, is an abbreviation for Before Anyone Else. You use this word as a substitute word for your boyfriend or girlfriend, your crush or someone that you adore and holds a significant position in your life.

This trend is particularly prevalent in youngsters on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the forms of statuses and captions or hashtags. The usage is also pretty much heavy on the internet in various ways.


Acronyms which can go with this:

Who doesn’t love to talk about their loved one or their person of significance? And when you call them BAE, then it makes the feeling of association & bonding with your loved one even stronger.

History of the BAE phenomenon

The word holds a rich history starting from the year of the 1500s when it was used to refer to sheep sounds. However, by 2003, when the period of texting was just beginning, it started gaining its popularity after a user posted its meaning in the Urban dictionary.

Later in 2014, the famous singer Pharrell Williams, released the song Come get it bae and the word regained its hype. The people raised a lot of questions for the word and wanted to know what does bae mean?

The popularity of the word was real, and it continues to go on. There were also a lot of speculations about its meaning and usage when someone posted about it being a Danish word that meant poop. But that didn’t stop the users to use them and give up on their idea for this acronym that represented their loved one.

Today, it associates with something that you hold dear. It is not just limited to a person, but it has even reached out to a particular activity that gives you happiness.

The BAE usage

Mostly the word is written with a lower case, and it has also taken its place in the day to day language.

Though people do like to use it on various occasions, when more and more people started to recognise the word, it made its place in the world of YouTube videos, and different meme pages.

Hence you will find an exact meme for the way you are feeling towards your BAE. There are also a lot of speculations doing the rounds that it is, in fact, the shorter version of babe or baby but either way all the three mean the same thing.

A lot of acronyms including this one is now also recognised by the English language as a legitimate word and has taken place in the Oxford Dictionary.

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Example 1: When you refer the word to a person.

Person 1: Did you see the new Ashton Kutcher film??

Person 2: Omg! Yes! He is my bae!!

Example 2: When you mention the word for an activity or a thing that you like.

Person 1: Girl! Why do eat so much? You will get fat!


Person 2: I don’t care! Food is bae!

Over to you

As much lovely it is to fall in love with a person, there is no greater joy than talking about him or her to the world. It does not matter if you call them baby, babe or even BAE. The whole idea is to convey your love.
So, go ahead make your lover feel special by texting this acronym. It’s never too late!

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