What is Banana Peel Teeth Whitening? Does it Work?

Teeth whitening is a new modern way of restoring your bright smile. With the increasing demand and popularity of this treatment, manufacturers have lined up a variety of products that whiten the teeth.

However, many people prefer to take the natural route instead of using chemical bleaching agents that may harm the tooth surface.


One of the effective ways of whitening your teeth naturally is by using a banana peel.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Banana makes an excellent addition to your breakfast meals and smoothies, but they can also be used for tooth whitening.

Although teeth whitening with banana peel is not a clinically tested and proven method. However, many people have found it to be effective in lightening the color of their teeth.

Banana contains a high amount of potassium and magnesium. It is believed that the rich content of minerals found in a banana is helpful for the removal of stains from the tooth surface.

Let’s continue to read further and understand the advantages of using a banana peel.

Additionally, we’ll also look at the step-wise method of using banana peel for tooth whitening.

What is banana peel whitening?

Teeth whitening with banana peel may sound funny and unreal, but it is quite a common practice of naturally whitening the teeth.

Teeth whitening is clinically done by using chemical agents like hydrogen peroxide.

This compound reacts with the stains on the surface of the enamel and bleaches them to provide a bright uniform color. (1)

However, the most significant disadvantage of undergoing chemically treated tooth whitening procedure is tooth sensitivity. (2)

Banana peel teeth whitening, on the other hand, has been claimed as one of the best and successful natural ways of lightening the color of the teeth without experiencing tooth sensitivity.

How does banana peel whiten the teeth?

Let’s look at the working mechanism of banana peel –

  • The main reason behind its whitening property is the abundance of minerals present in this fruit. Banana contains a large portion of potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and B2 and manganese. These minerals help to remove the stains from the teeth.
  • Unlike the chemicals used in commercial teeth whitening products, banana peel is non-abrasive and maintains the integrity of the enamel.
  • Moreover, banana peel exfoliates the tooth surface and provides a uniform white appearance.

What are the dental benefits of banana peel?

Some of the dental benefits of a banana peel include – (3)

  • Low acidity – having a mild pH level allows bananas to avoid enamel erosion. Moreover, they neutralize the pH of the mouth. Therefore, bananas are the choice of fruit to be included in the diet.
  • Teeth whitening – as mentioned above, the rich content of banana removes the stains from the surface of the teeth and leaves a white and bright smile on the face.
  • The minerals also help to build healthy and strong teeth.

How is banana peel whitening used?

The natural and most common homemade method of using banana peel for teeth whitening is as follows –

Choose the right banana and peel it

Choose a banana which is ripe with little or no black spots on its surface. Bananas at this stage are rich with minerals.

You can choose to take a single strip or the entire peel of the banana according to your needs. Usually, a single strip is sufficient for whitening the teeth in one sitting.

While peeling make sure to start from the top of the banana to get most of the stringy banana bits that are attached to the peel.

Rub the peel on your teeth

Rub the fleshy inner side of the peel against the teeth. Keep rubbing until you feel and notice a paste-like layer forming on the surface of the teeth.

Once all the teeth are covered with the banana peel paste, let it remain like that for about two to five minutes.

While allowing the paste to sit on the teeth, do not speak or move your lips too much as it will remove the paste from the tooth surface.

Brush your teeth

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth with the banana peel paste present on the surface of your teeth.

Be careful while brushing and do not hurt the gums around. Use gentle pressure while brushing in a circular motion for two minutes.

Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth with regular toothpaste if you wish to.


For noticeable results, repeat this method daily for at least two weeks. The results may vary from person to person as the enamel composition is different for everyone.

Is banana peel whitening effective?

Banana peel teeth whitening is a piece of anecdotal evidence. Many people have claimed on online platforms that banana peel has been effective in removing the stains from the tooth surface. Additionally, it whitens the surface of the teeth.

However, the American Dental Association does not offer any clinical opinion on the use of banana peel for teeth whitening, unlike strawberries, orange peel, and lemons.

ADA advice people to enjoy the nutritional benefits of bananas while eating them but is dicey about the positive results of banana peel whitening.

Alternatives for teeth whitening

Some of the proven teeth whitening steps that you can follow at home are given below –

  • Follow a routine dental healthcare routine that includes brushing, flossing, and gargling
  • Brush at least two times in a day in addition to brushing after meals
  • Whitening toothpaste has proven to be effective clinically (4)
  • Professional teeth whitening procedures are the best options

Take away message

Bananas are a tasty, nutritious, and delicious addition to our daily breakfast or snacks. However, are they the right choice for teeth whitening?

Well, clinically, there is no proof. But now that you’ve read about the practice of teeth whitening using the banana peel, you can be the proof of it.


One thing that is true in this process is that banana peel acts as a gentle exfoliator and removes the stains from the surface of the teeth.

Additionally, it has a mild pH which prevents enamel erosion.

It is best always to be aware and careful while considering different treatments that do not have clinically proven evidence.


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