Bath Bomb Meme

The bath bomb challenge like it was famously known created a much-deserved havoc on Tumblr. These bath bombs were known for its beautiful colours, textures and patterns. They came in various shapes, sizes and had a lot of variety. It is a rock-solid soap, that melts automatically when they come in contact with water. That is one of the reasons why the hype existed. However, nobody knew what was going to happen next was more than just memes.

The simple bath bomb challenge turned into a major controversy that created a lot of troubles and fights on the internet.

What is a bath bomb meme?

A bath bomb is this luxurious type of soap that people would usually use during their baths. They give out the really good fragrance, and you can choose from the thousands of varieties present in the market based on your preference of fragrance, colour and flavour too!

When Tumblr came up with the bath bomb challenge, people would take a video of their bath bombs and how they would dissolve in the water and post it online. That is how the bath bomb meme came up.

More people from other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and also Twitter, started posting their videos and it became a thing.

The Controversy

Tumblr confirmed that the bath bomb meme was the last of their meme creation for 2014 and like it’s said, the last always is big, this meme too came out rather huge.

When the challenge was at its peak, a Tumblr user posted an actual picture of a photoshopped bomb being thrown in the tub followed by putting up a picture of a destroyed toilet.

This gave way to a whole new kind of drama, where people started putting up videos of throwing absolutely anything ranging from food to electronic goods in the bathtub, in the name of the bath bomb challenge.

It became personal

When people got into this absurd idea of throwing things, it received a lot of backlash and hate for literally wasting water and food for a stupid video. People took serious offence, and the internet was filled with fights, drama and a lot of hate.

This was not enough until a new topic made its way into the fight. The feminist point of view.  The concept of bath bombs was associated with women due to them being well super feminine. That year also had a lot of controversy about misogyny and feminism, and hence most feminist users took severe offence.

It all started with a bath bomb exploding in the water to give good fragrance, but it ended with people ready to bomb each other online.

Looks silly to think and yet something to ponder about that how sensitive the virtual world is. It is so easy for somebody to misinterpret and misunderstand, what someone perceives as a joke. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to be more careful about what you post since it can be offensive to someone else.

Like the saying goes what is normal for a spider, is chaos for a bee.

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