7 Benefits of VPN that You Should Know

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A VPN creates a secure internet connection between your computer or smartphone and the target website. The target website could be even your corporate network. It creates a secure tunnel to secure the internet traffic from getting exposed to an eavesdropper. Even your internet service provider will not come to know about your actual internet activity. Other benefits of VPN include hiding your device IP address, securing the network while accessing public Wifi hotspots, cost saving compared to traditional leased dial-up connections for establishing secure network over the internet, etc.

You can install a VPN Client on Windows, Mac or even Android device conveniently. Moving ahead in this article, you will see benefits of VPN in detail.


What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is the extension of a private network over a public network such as the Internet. It protects your internet activity by creating an encrypted channel between your computer and a remote VPN server.

The whole connection appears as a tunnel which passes on your whole online data securely to the target web server or website. So, whenever you try to open a site, the request will first go to the VPN server and exits onto the Internet.

In short, the target site will see VPN server IP address and your device IP address.

How does a VPN benefits you?

A VPN protects your internet activity from any eavesdroppers. There is no way that a hacker can trap your data in between. This is critical whenever you try to do the financial transaction from a public network which is not secured.

Your online activity is also protected from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Other benefits of VPN connection include –

Enhanced security for your data

Since your internet traffic passes through a VPN tunnel, your private data is invariably protected from prying eyes. Moreover, during your travels, more often than you come across a free public Wi-Fi hotspot or a free internet connection.

Typically, using such hotspot can result in data theft either from your device or in between internet transactions.

A VPN can eliminate such threats. You are incredibly sure about the security and privacy of your internet session because everything is routed via a VPN server.

Cost savings for organizations

Using a VPN results in a lot of cost savings for organizations who want their employee to access their network when they are away from company premises. Traditionally, companies used leased telephones lines and established connections via dial up modems.

The setup did not have any encryption since the setup had inherent security in place. But the overall cost of such setup was huge for a several connections. On the other hand, a VPN can create a more secured connection by utilizing the power of the internet for everyone in the company.

Also, companies do not have to take the hassle of maintain the VPN server. A VPN service provider can be a third-party company such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, TunnelBear, etc.

Remote access to a private network is a breeze

Employees of an organization when traveling, often need to access the company’s internal resources. But the unsecured connection from a remote location can easily result in theft of confidential company data. However, a VPN connection can get rid of any such risks involved.

The Employee can log into the VPN client present on his device. After logging in, a VPN connection is established with company’s server via a VPN server. This allows the employee to securely use the company’s private network.

Access to restricted content

You may have faced certain situations when you are denied access to certain websites. This is because of the geo-restrictions that certain companies place on their sites. Common examples are Netflix, BitTorrent, etc.

A VPN can enable you to get past of such restrictions easily as it makes the whole connection appear from a VPN server that could be placed anywhere in this world. When you go for a VPN service, you will be able to choose a VPN server based on its location.

This also works for websites which are prohibited in school and colleges. Usually, the students are unable to visit social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. in the school or college premises. But a VPN could allow them to bypass such restrictions.

Advertisement and tracker blocking

This benefit is an exclusive feature of some VPNs. They provide a built-in advertisement and malware tracker and blocker. While this feature is available in most browsers, having a VPN eliminates the hassle of configuring them time and again on different browsers. A VPN makes sure that fewer ads reach your device and reduces a lot of targeted ads.

Online anonymity

One of the most significant benefits a VPN provides is online anonymity. As it hides your IP address, you get complete online privacy.

If you are a researcher or a journalist or an investigating officer, a VPN provides you with full protection. You can browse content online without the worry of someone tracing it back to you.

The perfect analogy for it is that it makes you feel like wearing an invisibility cloak when you are online. Moreover, it helps you prevent the cyber-attacks which have tremendously increased in the last few years.

Helps you to get through bandwidth throttling

Internet Service Providers (ISP) on some occasions throttle your internet speed when you are viewing online streaming services such as HotStar, Netflix, etc. This often means that the TV series, movies, etc. on these streaming websites would take much longer to load or continuously buffer.

A VPN masks the IP address of the target website. Since the ISP doesn’t your target site, it is less likely to throttle the bandwidth. Ultimately, you will watch movies online without any buffering.


Final words on benefits of VPN

VPN service might cost you a little but looking at the overall benefits of VPN, it is nothing. In fact, big organizations are saving a lot of money by providing VPN connection to their employees who could work at their home without using the company resource.

Also, it is vital that you use VPN, even if you are going to use public Wifi hotspots for accessing your social media accounts or email. You never know what could be the implication if someone hacks in your email or social media accounts.


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