What is Bernie Sanders’ Net Worth?

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Bernie Sanders, an American politician who has been serving as the junior United States Senator since 2007, also the longest-serving independent in U.S congressional history is worth $2 million. Sanders has accumulated his income majorly from his salary as a senator and also from royalties.

Early Life

Bernie Sanders was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. Sanders attended Hebrew School and James Madison High School. He was an avid sportsman and played for the basketball team. He then attended Brooklyn College for a year and was transferred to University of Chicago within a year, from where he graduated with BA in Political Science in 1964.


Sanders married Deborah Shilling and the couple together bought a summer home in Vermont. They both later filed for a divorce which got finalised in 1966. Sanders then married Jane O’Meara Driscoll in 1988.

In 2017, Sanders received an Honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Brooklyn College.



Sanders made his first political entry by joining Young People’s Socialist League, and he also remained very active in Civil Rights Movement. In 1963, Sanders attended March on Washington for jobs and freedom. He was also active in peace and anti-war movements and became a member of various committees and unions.

After his graduation from the University of Chicago, Sanders initially worked as a teacher, psychiatric aide and a carpenter.  He also worked as writer and director of non-profit American People’s Historical Society in 1977.

The Journey

In 1981, Sanders became the Mayor of Burlington, Vermont and served for about eight years. As the Mayor, he led extensive downtown revitalising projects. His major achievement was the improvement of Burlington’s Lake Champlain Waterfront. He was ranked as America’s best Mayors by the U.S. News and World Report in 1987.

Sanders became the first independent elected the U.S. House of Representatives in 1990 and served up to 2007. During his tenure, he voted against the Brandy Bill, in favour of Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, opposed the invasion of Iraq and was against Online Freedom of Speech Act.

Sanders was sworn in as U.S. Senator in 2007 by the then-Vice President Dick Cheney. He has remained the chair of Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committee since 2017.

Notable Political Activities

In 2016, Sanders endorsed Clinton in general election campaign against Republican Donald Trump.

He found Brand New Congress, a political organisation in 2016, to elect Congressional representatives in line with campaign’s political platform. He also founded Our Revolution, an organisation to educate voters about political issues in 2016.

In 2017, Sanders began webcasting The Bernie Sanders’ Show using Facebook live streaming.

Books, Music and TV Shows

Sanders published his book Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In. The book was ranked #3 on The New York Times’ Best Seller List.

Sanders recorded folk album We Shall Overcome with 30 Vermont musicians in 1987. He also appeared in cameo roles in Sweet Heart’s Dance, a music video and My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception movie.

In 2015, Sanders was named as Person of The Year by Times.

Bernie Sanders Net Worth

Sanders has an estimated net worth of $2 million, his primary source of income being his salary as a senator. His royalty income alone from his books “Our Revolution”, “Guide to political Revolution” and “Outsider in the house” was around $1 million.


Bernie Sanders owns 3 houses.

He owns a condominium in Burlington, Vermont which is worth $100,000. He also owns a home in Washington D.C. neighbourhood of Capitol Hill. Sanders recently purchased a four-bedroom house on the shore of Lake Champlain for around $600,000.


As a politician, Sanders is undoubtedly involved in various philanthropic activities, sometimes as a part of his political duties. In 1950, he campaigned for minority and civil rights.

He also supports parent-child centres and senior citizen groups. In 2011, Sanders donated his royalty income to Addison County Parent/Child Center.

In 2014, Sanders donated about 4% of his family’s income for charity causes.

Sanders gave the campaign contribution donated by a pharmaceutical CEO to Whitman-Walker Health, a clinic that specialises in the treatment of HIV patients, in 2015.

Sanders also supports various other charity organisation including Indigenous Environmental Network and ONE campaign.


However, Sanders made a statement that he does not believe in charity. He went on to explain that the Government should take over responsibility for social programs and not the charity organisations.


Even though Sanders is one of the most popular politicians in the U.S, he has not focused on building up his net worth throughout his political career. The politician is widely known for giving his voice for numerous issues such as corporate welfare, global warming, income inequality, LGBT rights, parental leave and universal healthcare.

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