Review – Site experience, Music Library, Quality of Downloads, etc.

BeSonic Review

Besonic is yet another website to stream and download songs for free. Unlike other portals like CCTrax, Jamendo, PureVolume, you cannot download mp3 songs for free from without signing in.

In fact, you will get a shortened version of a song if you try to download without logging in.


If you are looking to find some commercial music to listen, then I suggest you go for a paid subscription service such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

However, in this post, I will try to provide a brief BeSonic Review on parameters of:

  • Website Experience
  • Music Library
  • Music Player & Quality

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Website Experience

Well, the website look & feel is old, and it loads a little slow. It looks like a work-in-progress site. Also, in the FAQ section, you will realise that they’re actually in the process of building something such as Videos, Tutorials, etc.

On the Homepage itself, you can find various genres to listen to such as Rock, Alternative, Pop, Electro, Hip-Hop, Jaz, Blues, etc. Besides, you can see many Music Recommendations, Charts, New Songs, Artists, New Videos, etc.

When you scroll down, you will be able to see the music based on various countries such as Germany, France, US, Switzerland, etc. You will find a lot of artists from the above countries.

Compatibility and Ads

You can only download the songs using the website since there are no iOS or Android Apps available.

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The website is ad-supported. You may even find links to other sites to stream music online.

Therefore, for the overall feel of the website, I’d not give it more than 5/10.

Music Library

BeSonic has a community of 340,000 members with 44,000 artists and over 80,000 songs available in 150+ Genres!

While all the music is spread out in various languages, I would say the best course of action would be to look for the song (in the search) you wish to download quickly.

For the collection, I’d give it a 7/10.

Music Quality

The FAQ section of the website is quite bad, I must say. More than information, they have provided unnecessarily info about what they’re going to do. In the formats supported question, they have quite easily said that all formats are accepted by artists. But it doesn’t mention anything technical or specific.

BeSonic Download Music

Therefore, you cannot find the quality of music downloads. However, the sampling rate is 44.1 kHz as standard.

To find the download button can also be a task. You can see it on the bottom right of the player.

For the quality question, I’d give it a 5/10 again.


Final Thoughts

As a final thought, I can say that there’s a lot of improvement that can be made on this site. However, it is still one of the legal websites where you can find songs to download for free.

It also remains as one of the portals where you can showcase your work. They give you a page of your own band such as, which is great!

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