5 Best Android apps for UPSC preparation


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If advising were a competition, friends and relatives of UPSC aspirants would be the front-runners. You get all types of suggestions such as “Check out this app.”, “Refer to this book or question bank – they might help you score.”, “Look up these videos.”, “Talk to the toppers – you might get motivated.”, etc. But keeping with the trend and burgeoning competition amongst UPSC aspirants, it is safe to conclude that relying on the traditional method of preparation through books for knowledge is not the wisest thing to do.

Serving your nation is a responsibility one ought to be taking very seriously, and you want to ensure the best of your efforts and strategies are employed in your endeavour. Nowadays, apps are increasingly establishing themselves as a preferable option. Indulge in-app learning for extensive understanding and knowledge and keep yourself updated. Furthermore, every time you feel the preparation is bogging you down or you begin to lose enthusiasm, use these apps as a motivation to fire up your brain.

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But then again, we have plenty of online resources, and it takes time to develop trust in apps, not to mention, your productivity stands to be affected. Thus, to clear out the confusion and save you time, we have come up with the most recommended apps for UPSC preparation that deserve all aspirants’ attention.

Mission UPSC

Mission UPSC Android app for UPSC PreparationUPSC preparation stands incomplete if you fail to refer to the existing notes and questions of the previous year.While it is difficult to stumble onto notes provided by top institutes directly, Mission UPSC is a brilliant initiative by bright minds that does its best to bring you standard material from coaching classes that include question papers from test series’ conducted by top institutes.

Apart from this, you can enhance your knowledge on current affairs with relevant magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, and EPW. Newspapers, editorials, and videos are some fantastic add-ons available on the app that is free.

Vision IAS

VISION IAS Android app for UPSC PreparationBeing among the top IAS training institutes producing results, Vision IAS comes with apps that have videos of their classes, talks, and exclusive interviews. You can check out their booklets and keep track of your progress in test series and preparation with the plethora of features provided.

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Furthermore, the institute ensures it keeps posting live videos regarding preparation strategies and essential lessons that will go a long way in securing you your desired position. You can look up these videos on your phone once you have downloaded the app.


ClearIAS Android app for UPSC PreparationClearIAS presents itself as a brilliant app that teaches you everything there is to know about IAS exams, the fundamentals, the syllabus for the year as well as excellent strategies that you could follow. Just like its contemporaries, ClearIAS features free notes, topper talks and news to enhance your knowledge and boost your motivation.

The app allows you to take mock tests that are considered mandatory before taking the preliminary exams.

The Hindu

The Hindu Android app for UPSC PreparationTouted to be India’s most trusted English News app, The Hindu contributes seamlessly in enhancing your linguistic skills and educating on current affairs of India and the world. It provides in-depth knowledge of politics, business, entertainment, art, science, literature and other verticals across the globe.

An integral source to master both UPSC prelims and mains, it comes highly recommended by top coaching institutes and ex-toppers to subscribe to or download their app to acquire extensive information on the subject. The app itself is intuitive and user-friendly with a plethora of features to offer easy browsing.

Current Affairs & Daily General Knowledge Quiz

Testbook Android app for UPSC PreparationCurrent affairs constitute a considerable chunk of the UPSC syllabus. Talk to any topper, and they will tell you they owe a great deal of their success to how seriously they considered reading newspapers and magazines to master their knowledge of current affairs. With seamless updates and notifications, the app ensures the top 20 news pieces are synchronised and readily available to its users.

You can also participate in quizzes to estimate the amount of data your brain has stored to determine your progress. What makes this app stand out is that the creators extract the gist of the news and present it with relevant and attractive pictures to enhance your reading experience. For those who would instead maintain distance from reading newspapers, this could be a fantastic option.

Did You Know?

S.NoAppCreatorAverage Rating
1Mission UPSCIAS Kumar4.6/5
2Vision IASVision ITLabs4.5/5
4The HinduKasturi and Sons Ltd.4.3/5
5Current Affairs & Daily General Knowledge QuizTestbook4.6/5

Source: Android Play Store

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