Best Android and iOS Apps to Watch Bollywood, Hindi & Regional Movies for free

With more than 4.7 billion mobile users in the world, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile phones are a part of our routine life now. More so, Smartphones have made it easier to watch free movies online. In this post, we will look into seven best Bollywood Movies apps to watch Hindi Movies as well as Regional language movies, on your smartphone.

The apps mentioned in this post have both free and paid movies available.


Therefore, the apps which are providing completely free content are all ad-supported – meaning, you will have to bear many advertisements in the beginning, and in-between ads too, for example, Box TV.

Whereas, in apps like Spuul or Eros Now, there are many in-app subscription purchases and rentals available. So, the movies they show for free are entirely ad-free, since they have very less content which is available for free.

If you are also interested in watching free Hollywood movies and TV shows online, you must check out our suggested legal websites and apps to watch free movies & TV shows, such as Crackle, Tubi TV, Yidio, etc.

Let’s see what each app has got in their Bollywood, Hindi, & Regional movies and TV Shows store:

#7. Box TV

Watch Gulaab Gang on Box TV free

If you like watching movies in regional languages and are not able to find any platform, this just might be it. Box TV is entirely free to download on both Android and iOS Smartphones.

You can stream a variety of regional languages movies through Box TV without signing in!

A large number of free videos are available in Telugu, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Oriya, and seven other languages!

The Times Internet owns box TV, and hence it can be said that they understand the Indian market, and are providing relevant movies for free.

#6. Spuul

Spuul offers a tremendous in-app experience in both Android and iOS. You are required to log in before you can access the thousands of movies available. The mobile app can be configured using your Facebook account as well.

Spuul Categories of Bollywood Hindi Movies

At first, you will be amazed to see the collection on Spuul. The movies are segregated based on ‘Recently Added’, ‘Top Rated’, ‘Free Films, ‘Rental Films’, etc.

Directly go to the free films section and find out all the movies you can watch for free! This list will not have the latest movies, but you won’t be disappointed seeing the collection. Among the recent releases, you may find Main Aur Charles, Gulaab Gang, Once upon a time, Lootera.

They offer a great variety of the 90s and 2000s movies as well. And since they have a lot of in-app purchases/rentals, all the free movies are ad-free too. Check them out yourself!

#5. Yupp TV

Yupp TV is one of the best Hindi movie app available on both iOS and Android.

You may choose to skip logging in and directly get access to hundreds of Hindi movies and TV shows.

The app UI is simple. All, yes, I repeat, ALL the movies are available for free! In return, they make money by showing you various advertisements.

The list of movies they have is also remarkable! Ranging from Mughal-E-Azam to Kabali!

It is definitely a must-have app for all!

Eros Now app access free hindi movies from JioCinema and Airtel TV

#4. JioCinema and Eros Now

Why I am covering the two apps together is because if you have a Jio Sim, you have access to Jio Cinema iOS and Android apps, you get Jio as well as Eros Now’s content as well.

Both offer a large variety of movies and TV shows for free. Also, the credit for increasing the demand of so many entertainment portals goes to Reliance Jio!

They offered free and unlimited internet access for more than six months! And, by doing so, they reached a user base of 130 million in less than one year! That’s huge!

#3. Airtel TV

watch bollywood movie PK free on Airtel TV app

Needless to say, only Airtel users can have access to hundreds and thousands of movies, videos, and songs through the Airtel TV and Wynk Apps.

If you are looking to watch latest movies, then this platform might offer you some of it.

You can see a snapshot of the famous movie by Aamir Khan – PK!

You can download the Android and iOS app for Airtel TV from the hyperlinks.

#2. Hotstar

Watch Bahubali 2 on Hotstar free bollywood movie app

Well, what to say about the oldest player in the app-run industry.

Hotstar realised it long back that they will have to move to the mobile-supported platform to increase the already existing reach of Star India Network in the country.

With a user base of 68 Million people (September 2017) to cater, they offer the maximum diversity of movies and TV shows through their Android and iOS apps.

Here’s a snapshot of Baahubali, The Conclusion from my smartphone.

Download the app to discover yourself. Or go solo, as they say!

#1. YouTube

Kadamban Hindi Movie Free on YouTube

Topping the chart in any list of watching movies, TV Shows, or any other genre of video, through any device – Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, YouTube will never lose its place. You can see a recent famous movie Kadamban which is available on YouTube for free:

It is the best, the safest, and the most user-friendly platform.

One thing I do not understand is the pricing of YouTube; they offer movies which are already available for free on various other platforms!


However, if you wish to watch any film which is not free, you may have to shred some bucks as low as Rs. 20 (INR).

If the videos, movies or TV shows you are watching also allow you to download the content. Then, you can download the video using YouTube downloaders available for free such as 4K Video Downloader, Any Video Downloader, etc.


While watching movies on an app is great fun, we must understand two of the most important things while doing so:

  • Whether the app on which you’re watching movies is legal or not
  • Whether other platforms might be showing the same movie with better quality or maybe lesser ads

bollywood movies apps info graphic

Keeping in mind the above two things and knowing to judge them will make your movies watching experience amazing.


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