Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android and iOS you must know


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While online guitar tuners make your life simple. It is not always that you want to open your laptop and tune your guitar. Moreover, you may not even have access to the internet! However, Apps come in handy when you are in such a situation. All you have to do is open the guitar tuner app on your mobile phone and start tuning!

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen people using these completely user-friendly tools!

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However, I have seen them suffering from the out-of-tune sound that strikes from their instruments.

I have also seen people giving excuses for not using a guitar tuner because they don’t have it, or they don’t have the battery in their semi-electric guitars.

Seriously? Who uses the old school, physical guitar tuner nowadays?

I agree that a physical tuner helps when you have to perform a gig. But, for beginners, using an app is a must! It’s accurate, and most importantly, it saves time.

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Here are some of my favourite guitar tuner apps:

Pitch Lab – Guitar Tuner App for both iOS and Android

I have been a user of Pitch Lab’s guitar tuner app since the beginning, so I rate it the highest regarding usability.

It tells you the frequency when you strike a string/note, the range in which you are supposed to keep your string and it goes green when you are in the note-range.

Pitch Lab Guitar Tuner App Android and iOS

There are various other screen options you can opt for. Also, it is available for iOS version.

G-Strings – Only for Android

Well, don’t expect too much after listening to the name. It is a tuner of course! It sounds super weird when you say you use gStrings to tune your guitar!

gStrings guitar tuner app Tuner

But trust me, it does the job of a tuner app very well. It offers a simple UI to tune your guitar. The same as other apps, all you need to do is strike a string; it will show you whether the note is flat or sharp.

gStrings Guitar tuner app Instruments There are some pros and cons of this guitar tuner app. It’s good for people who play various instruments. So, you can tune your guitar, violin and banjo in the same app!

A drawback is for Apple users as this app is only available on Android.

Guitar Tuna App

Again, a very good tuner app for both android and iOS platforms. You can use it to tune your Guitar, Bass and Ukulele.

Guitar Tuna Guitar Tuner App

There are some other advanced tools that you can use with Guitar Tuna – You can set up various beats and change them manually, you can learn about various chords and how they sound.

Apart from that, the tuning experience remains almost the same.

Which one do you use?

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