Best Anti Malware – A Comprehensive Study With Guidelines

In today’s world, every activity we do is somewhere connected with our computers, laptops, mobiles and most importantly, the internet. Therefore, since all our works are somehow related to the online world, we are also exposed to all the vulnerabilities and risks which the Internet is associated with.

The cyber crooks are always inventing new ways of attacking different users. The most popular methods are through viruses and malwares. They infect files or links with various kinds of malwares and tempt the users to click or download them.


With this, they get unauthorized access of the user devices and corrupt their data, modify information or damage the devices. So, installing an anti malware software is very much recommended to offer high security against such attacks and to safeguard one’s data.

In this article, we are presenting about some of the popular anti-malware softwares which can help us to strengthen the security of our systems. Let’s check out.

What are some of the best anti malware softwares?


This is an essential anti malware software which is used both at home and offices. It works by clubbing several technologies together for breaking the attack chain. It is suitable for Mac, Android, Windows as well as Chromebook.


  • Malwarebytes detects all kinds of threats like worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, ransomware, bots and other malwares.
  • It is world’s one of the most potent security measures available. It can also work along with your antivirus.
  • Malwarebytes detects suspicious activities using machine learning techniques.
  • It offers real-time protection layers like web protection. It averts access to any malicious websites.
  • It tracks and blocks any malware when detected as well as provides application behavior protection.
  • Malwarebytes can effectively block ransomware attacks before your data gets corrupted.
  • Shielding weak and vulnerable systems from exploit attacks is an additional feature, recently developed by them.

You get a 14-day free trial of this software, and after that, you must subscribe to continue enjoying the services.

Kaspersky Internet Security

It is a popular application with striking features for protecting your system from malware attacks. It is considered as one of the most downloaded and best antimalware, especially for Windows 10.


  • Kaspersky Internet Security offers security features like anti-phishing, anti-fraud, vulnerability scans, anti-ransomware protection, free automatic updates, and control over internet traffic.
  • By using Kaspersky Internet Security, you get all-round protection for your system against online threats, keep your internet connection, webcam, and online transactions safe.
  • It also provides backups and data encryption. You can even manage your identity information like passwords, update software and delete unused apps.
  • Kaspersky protects your system without hampering its performance. It is suitable for Windows, Mac as well as mobile phones.

It gives a free trial period of 30 days, after which you need to buy it for continuing the usage.

Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is easy to install and is very user-friendly. It scans for threats and performance issues, helps you to fix them, and protects your data in real time by analyzing unknown files before they can even affect your data.


  • Avast provides excellent home network security, effortless password management, and machine learning protection.
  • It has an attractive interface.
  • Avast allows many security products to run parallelly using passive mode.
  • The CyberCapture feature sends any suspicious file to the cloud automatically and notifies the user about the remedy if it turns out to be a threat.
  • Its Wifi inspector strengthens the network security.
  • The Behavior shield monitors its behavior and ensures it does not perform abnormally at any point of time.

Norton Security

Norton Security by Symantec is very user-friendly software and can be installed quickly on your computer for protection. It effectively detects several kinds of threats like spyware, viruses, malware and phishing threats.


  • It offers real-time protection and provides complete protection against viruses and malwares for your devices.
  • It also provides 25 GB secure storage and backup facilities.
  • Norton security gives identity and privacy protection, password protection, and defense against internal risks.
  • It offers flexible internet security which changes with your requirements.
  • They have 24/7 online technical support as well.
  • It is suitable for PCs as well as smartphones and tablets.

Bitdefender Antivirus

This application is light on resources and has an unbeatable cyber threat detection capability. Let us find out more about its salient features.


  • It is fast while being gentle on battery consumption of the device.
  • Bitdefender provides advanced security against phishing, fraud, and facilitates secure browsing.
  • It incorporates artificial intelligence and other revolutionary technologies for anticipating, detecting and removing even the latest threats.
  • Bitdefender has auto-update facility to protect you from all possible risks.
  • Its Photon feature allows the software to adapt to your system configuration for boosting performance as well as saving resources.
  • Bitdefender offers multilayer protection against ransomware and protects your device as well as data from being corrupted.
  • Bitdefender also gives webcam protection, ensures safe banking transactions, manages passwords and performs vulnerability scans.

It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Emsisoft Antimalware

Emsisoft antimalware combines both antivirus and antimalware technologies and scans faster because of two scanners. Thus, it has a powerful detection capability.


  • It is portable, i.e., it is an anti-malware app that you can carry around with you on a USB stick.
  • It has a minimal system requirement of 200 MB RAM.
  • Emsisoft has a collection of nearly 2 million malware signatures. This helps it detect and fix any infected system easily!
  • It has different packages. For example, its Emergency Kit is free and is meant for non-commercial use only. It can perform scans, detect and remove unwanted programs but it does not offer active protection.
  • The Antimalware Home or Antimalware Home & Mobile package offers additional features like anti-ransomware protection, behavior blocker, file guard, surf protection, anti-phishing, etc.
  • Automatic updates, a command line scanner, remote management are also available.
  • Emsisoft also provides excellent customer service.

Webroot Antivirus

Webroot antivirus is another award-winning anti-malware tool. Want to know more about it? Let us find out!


  • It is a cloud-based antivirus providing strong internet security. It scans quickly to detect and remove viruses, and malwares.
  • It protects your computer data from being stolen by phishing or ransomware attacks by blocking such threats.
  • It facilitates secure browsing, provides auto-updates, and does not degrade system performance.
  • Webroot antivirus also offers the anti-theft feature, webcam protection, password management, etc.
  • Webroot provides next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence to protect home and business networks all across the world.
  • Since it is cloud based, it takes up almost no storage space for downloading or updating virus definitions.

Eset 2019 edition

Eset is also very much recommended for antimalware protection. Let us look at what it offers us with.


  • It offers multilayer defense against both online and offline threats, provides secure browsing, password management, and data encryption.
  • It has cloud-powered scanning, gamer mode, and UEFI scanner for deeper level protection.
  • ESET also offers with an exploit blocker and firewall.
  • Eset provides anti-ransomware, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, anti-spyware, antivirus, and anti-theft protection.
  • It offers parental control against change of settings, location tracking, banking, and payment protection.
  • It also gives webcam and botnet protection.
  • Eset includes a small system footprint that maintains the performance and extends the longevity of your hardware.
  • It also saves internet bandwidth with small update packages.

Which one should I prefer?

As we have discussed, there are several products which offer antivirus and antimalware protection. All of them provide a variety of features, and it may be difficult for you to decide which one to install.

For this, we have done a comparative study below which can help you in making a good decision!

protectionAll kinds of virus and malwaresAll kinds including ransomwareAll kinds, apt for MacAll types, especially for Windows 10All typesCombined effect of antivirus and antimalwareVirus malware phishing ransomwareOnline and offline threats
deviceMac, Android, Windows, ChromebookWindows, Mac, Android, iOSWindowsWindows, Mac, AndroidLike BitdefenderWindows, AndroidWindows, MacLike avast
paid/freeFree for 14 dayspaidpaidFree for 30 dayspaidFree or paid, as you choosepaidpaid
specialtyReal-time protection, use of ML techniques, shielding weak systemsUse of AI, multilayer defense, webcam protection, safe online transaction, etcCyber capture, passive mode, wifi inspector, behavior shield, etcInternet security, data encryption, password manager, etcReal-time protection, flexible internet security, etcVarious packages, 2 million malware signatures, etcCloud-based, Next gen endpoint security, threat intelligence, etcCloud-based, gamer mode, firewall, etc


The cyber crooks are always hatching new plans for making cyber attacks, primarily through malware and viruses. Their attacking techniques are becoming sophisticated day by day. They use various ways to tempt the users to click links or download softwares which are actually infected and malicious in nature.

In this way, the cybercriminals can get unauthorized access to the user’s system, stash away sensitive user data, and use them for illegal purposes. The user system can even get damaged or corrupted with permanent loss of data!

This is why it is crucial to adopt security measures beforehand for protecting your device as well as data. You can install trusted and reputed anti-malware softwares available in the cyber world.


For example, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Eset, etc. are some of the popular anti-malware applications which offer all-round protection to your system and secure your data from any malware attacks.

However, besides installing such software, there are some other precautionary steps which you should follow. Beware of downloading any free software as they can be malwares too, and avoid clicking attachments or links from unknown senders as they can be infected.


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