Know the Best Browser for Streaming Movies

best browser for streaming movies and videos

Not every time do you decide to visit a movie theatre when you feel like watching a movie. And sometimes you wish to stream an old film too. It is then that the internet comes to your rescue. But which browser gives you the best movie watching experience or how to choose the best browser for streaming any movie or video?

There isn’t a single web browser that can be crowned the best for streaming movies online since there are several different criteria for judgement. What would you expect from a browser for a great movie experience?

That it should-

  • Support High Definition(HD)
  • Load the movie fast
  • Drain the battery lesser

Under the given effect of outside forces like RAM, internet connection, etc.

So, let’s find out which browser wins the race under which criteria!

Support High Definition(HD)

A movie or video streaming in a higher resolution and better quality than the standard definition is termed as high definition. This is commonly becoming a feature of upcoming television sets as well!

In case you decide to watch the movie on your mobile phone or laptop, you wouldn’t need to care much about this factor. But, if you have a whopping huge monitor or you’ve connected your computer to your TV, you’ll want to have HD capability.

For the best Netflix experience, it is suggested to use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari on a Mac. These browsers support HD, 1080p resolution.

It is astonishing that despite being the most famous and commonly used browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not qualify here because they support a maximum of 720p resolution.

To get HD, however, your internet connection is crucial: Internet speed of 5.0 Megabits per second is suggested for HD quality. So, it infers that if your internet speed is below 5.0 MBps, then you won’t be able to stream in HD despite using the browsers as mentioned earlier.

Load the movie fast

No one likes waiting! As on date, Google Chrome has captured 70 percent of the market under its territory. It has risen to become the honcho of all browsers when it comes to speed and performance.

However, continuing to rule the internet space in this context wouldn’t be a cakewalk for Chrome, especially after certain test crafted by famed technology blog Ghacks, that proved Microsoft Edge to match or beat Chrome in some performance level.

Drain the battery lesser

Suppose you’re streaming the movie on your laptop while sitting in a restaurant, in a place with no power backup. You’d want to spend a minimum of your battery and opt for a browser that does that for you.

According to a test conducted by Microsoft in 2016, Edge leads the queue, followed by Opera, Firefox and then Chrome at the bottom.

It isn’t surprising to watch Google Chrome finish last in this race as it is famous for being highly CPU intensive.

Chrome tries to answer this issue in updated releases continuously. Its resource usage directly contributes to the speed of its browser, so tweaking Chrome’s use of resources is a balancing act for the company.

So again, we come to conclude that we cannot pass the prize of the best browser to any one of them.  But then, do we really to? As these browsers are free of cost, we can quickly switch between them based on our needs and that solves everything!

Few points for a better streaming experience irrespective of any browser

  • Instead of using wifi, connect to the internet via an ethernet cable.
  • Keep minimum applications or browser tabs running to decrease the load on the memory of your computer.
  • For smoother streaming, use a 5 GHz frequency instead of the commonly used 2.4 GHz frequency.

Happy watching movies!