8 Best Websites for Downloading Free eBook Torrents

Best Websites for Downloading Free eBook Torrents website

Are you an avid reader and looking for ways to download free eBooks? Peer to Peer sharing technology or the BitTorrent platform happens to be a frugal and the most popular form of downloading eBooks. There are numerous free eBook torrents available on these portals. On all these torrent sites, you can get electronic books in the suitable format for the most popular digital readers and other electronic gadgets such as Kindle, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Most of the popular public torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay, Torrentz2, IsoHunt, etc. are having mixed content such as movies, music, software, games and eBooks. However, there are private torrent sites such as Bibliotik, MyAnonamouse.net, Ebook Shares, etc., which have mostly e-books. Also, if you are new to torrents, then you should have a torrent client such as qBittorrent, uTorrent, Deluge, etc.


List of famous torrent websites offering free eBook torrents

#1. Bibliotik

Bibliotik is a private e-learning tracker or a private torrent website. It has a vast collection of eBooks and audiobooks in several formats. It mainly consists of comics, journals, magazines and e-learning apps.

Being a private tracker, this portal requires you to receive an invitation from an existing member for signing up. You can get invites on the IRC channel. But make sure to have a few books in your hand to offer it as uploads. It could be pretty hard to join since getting an invite is not easy, but it is doable.

#2. MyAnonamouse.net

MyAnonaMouse is a private e-learning tracker which has an extensive collection of audiobook and eBook torrent sources. You could lay your hands on some of the latest best seller books as well as the old eBooks. It also has audio books, musicology and radio content.

Most eBooks are available in pdf and EPUB formats. If you are a musician, then you could also find sheet music, lick libraries and instructional media. Again, you require an invite from an existing member to become its member. Getting invited is not that tough as compared to Bibliotik.

As if now, the invite on the IRC channel is available in two timeslots:

Saturday –  08:00 GMT to Sunday 09:00 GMT

Wednesday – 08:00 GMT to Thursday 09:00 GMT

#3. Ebooks Shares

Ebook shares is a private tracker e-learning portal which is dedicated to eBooks and audiobooks. It is active since 2008 and has built its credibility over the period. In addition to eBooks of all genres, it also has thousands of audiobooks, tutorials, documentaries and educational movies.

However, the search function on its website could be a nightmare since it cannot find tightly around your search queries consisting of multiple words. It would list out results containing any of the words from multiple words searched queries.

Here also, you need an invite from its existing members who are quite active on its forum.

#4. Bitspyder.net

Bitspyder is an educational torrent website which has eBooks, audiobooks and video courses. The collection of eBook torrents is focused mainly on IT-related content, but it also has eBooks related to health, languages, religion and art.

It is a private torrent site and thus requires an invite to join this community. You can try its IRC channel for an invite. Also, you must download or upload at least one torrent in the first week of signup.

#5. LearnBits

LearnBits is one of the best e-learning trackers out there. It is a private torrent website which has eBook torrents from several genres such as Languages, IT-Manager, IT-Security, Math-Science, Network, Music, Personal Growth, Exam Guides, Documentary, College Lectures, Business, Windows-Office, etc.

Here also, you require an invite from its IRC channel to sign up on its portal.

#6. Kickasstorrents

I know what you must be thinking. Kickasstorrent original portal was taken down, but this came up as its alternative and trust me this is nothing less than its original version. Katcr.co is a public torrent website and does not require any sign-up. The eBook torrent collection is huge, but unfortunately, they are no ways to filter out per different category of books.

Although, I could sport a few interesting eBook torrents such as New York Times Best Seller – Non-Fiction Collection, Motivational Books Collection Multi-Format 2016, John Carter – The Hitman, The Hogwarts Collection J K Rowling, and many others.

The format of eBooks is mainly EPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW3, etc. You will find a great collection of educational audio books.

#7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the probably only torrent site which is around for a while. It is one of the best portals for torrent seekers in multiple categories such as movies, videos, application, games, eBooks, etc. Within a few minutes of surfing, you will get to know that it has a massive collection of eBook torrents from multi disciple such as foods, homebuilding, fiction, automobiles and several others.

However, there is no option to filter out books per different categories. You just get a search box to type in your request. Also, you do not have to sign in for downloading eBooks.


#8. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent has an impressive collection of Books in the electronic formats such as AZW3, MOBI, EPUB, PDF, etc. Here you will be able to download eBook torrent in multiple genres such as fiction, classics, general reads, educational, best sellers, etc. I could quickly find some interesting eBooks such as A Midnight Dream, Time to Kill, The Essentials of Statistics, Secret to Drawing Realistic Facts by Carrie Stuart Parks, etc.

It is a public torrent site and thus does not require mandatory sign up.

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