10 Best Flash Games to play from the list of FRIV Games

10 Best FRIV Games or Flash Games

If you’re looking to play some car racing games, math games, cooking games, or any other type of frivolous games, friv.com is a place where you can find many games to play online. Playing these games is completely free. Apart from FRIV, you may check out my suggested list of websites to play free games online on FRIV, FOG (freeonlinegames), agame, etc.

You can also check out my review of cool math portal where you can play many logical games and also learn about some algebra and numbers concepts.


Playing games on FRIV is fun, but the general browsing of games makes it very difficult for anybody to start playing. The homepage of www.friv.com is flooded with various tiles which direct you to the game when you click on a tile.

www.friv.com or friv.info homepage screen for friv games

As you see, it can be extremely confusing for people to find out which game to play. You can’t judge a game from its thumbnail photo!

However, I have listed 10 best games on FRIV that are both fun and frivolous:

#1. Power Pamplona

Power Pamplona is a limited-running time-based game based on the Spanish tradition of ‘Running of the Bulls’.

In this game, you are followed by a bull and have to cross the obstacles on the way.

Power Pamplona Flash Games on FRIV

The gameplay looks like a mixture of Temple Run (only rotated 90 degrees & 2-D) and the Samurai Jack game I played ten years ago on the old-school video games consoles.

#2. Red Ball

Red Ball is the most interesting and one of the most challenging games to play on FRIV. This FRIV Game is similar to an old game called “Bounce”. But, it’s much more difficult and responsive.

Red Ball FRIV Games Flash Games

Controlling the ball is difficult. However, it is so receptive to the keys that you can feel the complete physics while playing the game. The developers have kept the basics strong while making a simple flash game.

It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played!

#3. Sugar Sugar

It is the most intriguing game to play on friv.com. The instructions of the game are quite simple. You have to put the sugar in the cup by drawing lines to route the sugar. Sounds simple?

Sugar Sugar FRIV Games

It’s not. It gets difficult at each level. Sometimes, if you put a wrong line while converting the colour of sugar, you may have to wait for minutes for the sugar to convert and then make it reach the cup. But I was so hooked on the game that I didn’t care!

There comes a level in which you only have to put one sugar cube in the cup. That was sweet by the game developers! It deserves a separate mention.

#4. Electric Man

This FRIV game has a primary character; you can give it any name you want. It gives you basic attacking instructions.

ElectricMan Flash games on FRIV

This is again a simple game. But, with a lot of variations in an attack. You can make simple assaults or slow motion attacks that look pretty cool.

#5. Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream has Bad graphics too, but it’s quite popular among the regular visitors of FRIV.

Bad Ice Cream Flash Games on FRIV

It’s like a simple version of the old & famous game Pac-Man. I don’t seem to like it much, but it’s still a frivolous game to try!

#6. Super Mario

Well, the world knows about the famous games – Mario and Super Mario.

Super Mario Flash Games FRIV

Again, since it’s a flash game, the graphics see to be quite weak. But, once the game starts, you are bound to get hooked. It’s Mario after all!

#7. Fireboy & Watergirl

Fireboy & Watergirl is the most popular game available on the internet. You can play it on cool math games portal as well. You have to make the fire-boy and water-girl cross each level by passing through obstacles of fire & water.

Cool Math Games Fireball and Watergirl gameplay screenshot

The gameplay is simple. You just don’t have to mix the fire character with water and vice versa.

#8. Haunt the House

Contrary to the name, haunt the house is a hilarious game. You are a ghost, and you have the power to possess any object by clicking on the spacebar. Various home scenarios are created in 2-D.

Haunt The House Flash Horror Game on FRIV

You can possess any object and use the arrow keys to perform ‘spooky’ actions to scare the people. There’s also a ‘Spooky-meter’ that shows you the atmosphere of the house. I was able to take the meter to ‘Terrified’ level. Can you?

#9. Parking Mania

Parking Mania is a pretty simple game where you have a 2-D scenario and you are supposed to park the car properly.

Parking Mania Flash Game on FRIV

If you park it well, you get rewards. If you crash it in between, restart! The controls of the vehicle can be confusing to handle when the car is moving inverted on the screen. I would say you can skip this one. However, it remains on the list because of its popularity.

#10. Sara’s Cooking Classes

I would wrap up the list with some cooking games to play on FRIV. Sara’s Cooking Classes is a good option if you like to bake.

Sara's Cooking Classes FRIV cooking games

You may also check out like Papa’s Pizzeria & French Chef Real Cooking Games to explore more cooking games.

Other Games

Below is a list of some other games available on FRIV.com:

  • The Milk Quest
  • Jelly Dad Hero
  • Raft Wars
  • Fara Falla
  • 3 Pandas
  • Shine Bubble Pro
  • Eco Ego
  • Paint World
  • Gravinaytor
  • Truck Wars
  • Mini Dash

Final Thoughts on playing FRIV Games

I have said this before, and I am going to repeat it. Playing online games to have some frivolous time is right to boost your productivity or cheer you up.

But kids and parents, both, should make sure that the screen time of a child should be under the limits.


You can allow a maximum of 1 hour to play such games or any other games. Kid’s routine should have a mix of physical, mental and frivolous activities.

Encourage your child to read, jog, & learn. Also letting the kids have some luxury time as well.

Do you know of any other FRIV Games to play on FRIV? Which is your favourite website to play games online? Let us know in the comments below.

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