7 Best Free Movie Apps for Watching Online Streaming Movies

Best Free Movie Apps for Watching Online Streaming movies

Free movie apps are the best way to watch online movies at your convenience. Also, it ensures whether a website or company is streaming movies illegally or not. But how to choose the best application when there are several movie applications available on different app stores like the iOS app store, Google play store, etc.?

A delightful dilemma for many, since it is hard to pick the ones which are the best. Do not worry! This article will provide you with a concise list of best free movie applications which you can easily give a place on your smartphone.


Why download movie apps if websites are mobile responsive?

Some of you may ask that if all movie websites are mobile responsive then why to go for movie applications? Well, there are many benefits of an app over a website. First of all, a site cannot provide you with any notification without getting opened. Whereas, apps can.

Suppose, if a blockbuster movie is getting featured for the first time, then a movie app will pop up related notification right on your smartphone.

Smartphone applications are optimised for best user experience. Whereas, websites serve both desktop machines and mobile phones. A website on a smartphone cannot match the ease of its application on the same device.


When it comes to movie apps, Crackle is my first choice. Crackle is available on almost every device possible ranging from smart TV, smartphones, gaming consoles, web browsers and streaming players.

Crackle free movie app

Sony Entertainment is the parent company of Crackle, which makes it unique regarding reliability and high-quality movie streaming assurance.

Crackle app has an easy interface for movies navigation. This movie app does not force you to login or signup. You can either watch anonymously or choose to log in. The choice is yours!

There is nothing free in this world and nor is Crackle. You will encounter a few Ads, but the placement of Ads won’t mess up your movie watching experience.

As I mentioned earlier, Crackle app is available for various platforms. The list is never-ending and has devices like iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android smartphones, Android tablets, amazon kindle, Windows Phone, Sprint, Sony, Samsung, LG, VIZIO, Roku, Apple Tv, Chromecast, Amazon fireTV, PS4, PS3, PlayStation TV, PSVITA, XBOX ONE and XBOX 360


Viewster is another worthy choice in this category. It also has sections other than movies like series, channels, movie trailers, biography, celeb news, etc. You can sort movies per latest additions, most watched and alphabetically.

Viewster free movie app

Also, you have an option of displaying the movies in a listicle form or blocks. I like the listing option as it provides synopsis and cast crew details. The quality of movies is good if not best, and you have full control of your viewing experience.

Download Viewster app from here

If you are having the crunch of internet bandwidth, then you can select the low-quality version of any movie. Another great option is the choice to display subtitles. Especially if you are not a native language speaker, then this opportunity might complement your movie watching experience.

Here also, you do not have to sign in to watch movies. Although, I recommend people to sign up since you will have options such as watch later, history and liked.

Viewster movie app is available for various manufacturers like Hisense, LG, LOEWE, Opera Software, Panasonic, PHILIPS, Roku, Samsung, TechniSat, TOSHIBA and VESTEL.

Other devices which support the Viewster application are iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.


Popcornflix interface is minimalistic in design but yet has power packed features. For instance, the main screen has shortcuts as home, Genres and Queue.

popcornflix free movie app

Genres section is further divided into various categories of movies such as action, comedy, drama, romance, horror, thriller, family/kids, documentary/shorts and Sci-Fi. You can put movies in the queue without logging into the movie app.

Popcornflix has a separate app called Popcornflix Kids. This app is customised for kids and available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, Android devices, Blackberry phone, Amazon Kindle, Roku, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Samsung.

Popcornflix has apps for devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices, Blackberry devices, Roku, Amazon Kindle, Roku, Xbox, Xbox 360, Samsung TV.


Snagfilms hosts around 5000 movies, TV shows and documentaries. The app has dozens of categories starting from action-adventure films to romantic movies. It also has critically acclaimed documentaries.

Snagfilms free movie app

This is the only movie application which keeps special interest movies such as gay movies, lesbian movies, foreign films, etc. Also, if you are looking for celebrities’ biographies, then this app won’t disappoint you.

Snagfilms has applications for iTunes, Google Play, Roku, Windows 8, Xbox 360, Boxee, BlackBerry, Chromecast, PlayStation 3 &4, Panasonic, Roku and Amazon Kindle.


Tubitv app streams some of the best movies from the past. It has multiple categories of films as any other movie app, but its most prominent differentiator is its exclusive categories. It has exclusive categories like “Not On Netflix” or even something like “Highly Rated On Rotten Tomatoes”.

TubiTv free movie app

Tubitv boasts to stream more than 7000 titles and has premium partners as LIONSGATE, MGM, Paramount, Starz, etc. All video has commercials to cover up for the cost which they are incurring on hosting thousands of movies. Also, Ads are distraction-free, and they are not overdone for sure.

You can also create your video queue. So, whenever you open your smartphone app, you can watch movies from your previous saved movie queue.

If you have made your account on Tubitv, then your profile can be synced easily between different devices such as Roku, Xbox, Amazon, Apple TV and Chromecast.

Tubitv is available on iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung TV, etc.


Yidio application is unique and different regarding how movies are hosted and streamed.

Yidio free movie app

Most of the movies and TV shows are not directly hosted on Yidio but on other 70 websites like CW, Crackle, Tubi TV, YouTube, DirecTV, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Comedy Central, VH1, History Channel, Google Play, PBS, Lifetime, A&E, MAX GO, Showtime, Cartoon Network, Starz, EPIX, like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, MTV, CBS, Vudu, FOX, Fandango and ABC.

Most of the above channels require you to have paid subscription. However, Crackle, CW, Tubi TV, etc. are the free movie streaming source. But you may have to download all native movie apps, paid or free, for watching online movies.

Yidio will also send you its latest addition to movies and TV Shows through smartphone notifications. All in all, this is a great application to find free movies online at one place. Yidio app is available for iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, Windows smartphone and Amazon Kindle.



Flipps is more than a simple movie app. It has videos related to news, sports, music, YouTube and movie. Movies are mostly available free of cost, but there is premium content as well which attract charges. Also, you can view live pay per view sports events.

Flipps free movie app

Flipps is partnered with several companies like Viewster, Showtime, CBS, PBR, etc. for hosting and connecting online content. Its app supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices, Samsung TV, dish, LG TV, Philips, Viera, Sony TV, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Chromecast, etc.

Over to you

Well, you may also find some more Android & iOS applications other than what I have mentioned above. But so far my experience with above free movie apps has been tremendous. Also, it is essential to keep different movie applications for the same purpose as you do not know which app can serve your favourite movie.

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