Does Your Alarm Clock Disappoint You? – Check Free Online Alarm Clocks

Best free online alarm clock to wake up from sleep

Waking up in the morning has always been a pain for me, and I am pretty sure that many of you are also travelling with me in the same boat. I have missed many meeting schedules because I could not get up on time. It is such a displeasure not to keep up with your plans and eventually be less productive. We might keep several tools and applications for making us productive but yet the result is far-fetched. One such tool is an alarm clock.

These days we have gone past of physical table clocks and rely mostly on our smartphone application. But, the million-dollar question – do we actually wake up when our smartphone makes a sweet harmonious alarm sound? To be frank, I never did. Pressing the snooze button is the best thing to do. In a way, you are procrastinating your wake-up time. Do not be ashamed of yourself if your phone alarm clock was hopeless.

Have you ever thought of free online alarm clock which can be a worthy contender to wake up from hell?

Thanks to the Internet, with the advent of web-technology, one can set-up some powerful & noisy sound on an online alarm clock website. If you are still not awake from its sound, then try to keep your computer out of reach but keep the speakers nearby. You will at least get up once to turn off the sound coming from your computer.

There are several websites, which are providing free alarm clock functionality but not all of them are clean from malware. I will discuss Seven of them which is non-malicious and does not open spam links.

#1. – Link free online alarm clock

I treated this alarm clock pretty simple and straightforward. The configurations are simple to setup and easy for anyone. The clock supports 44 languages and many sound variations. There are several pre-saved sounds to choose from.

However, you can also play any YouTube video by using its online search function. You can also play any radio channel which is preset-up on the website, (currently 54 channels are setup). You can also setup the snooze timespan which will set the alarm to trigger again after the snooze time is over.

Searching your favourite YouTube videos to setup as your alarm tone is the only challenge. The online clock also includes a stopwatch and a countdown timer.

#2. – Link free online alarm clock

Another fantastic free online alarm clock that has similar features as the previous alarm clock. An advantage over the last clock is that it can play the exact YouTube video which you want to play. Does not need to go through the hassle of searching a video.

Apart from this, you can also play your favourite Mp3 files available on your computer locally. The only con that I see with this free online alarm clock is that it allows you to set up alarm at mid intervals of 5 min. The online clock also includes a timer and a chronometer.

#3. – Link free online alarm clock

A traditional free online alarm clock which gives you an ability to set the alarm for any given time. It only supports few sounds, which are available out of the box. The alarm could be set with a custom message. This online alarm clock includes a stopwatch, timer and counter.

#4. – Link free online alarm clock

The name is ‘naked Alarm Clock’, but there is nothing naked about it! This is another traditional online clock with a greenish look. It’s easy to setup alarm and sound. Apart from English, it also supports two other languages.

#5. – Link best free online alarm clock

I would call this a fusion of nature and technology as it gives pretty decent clock with a beautiful background view. You can setup custom message and YouTube videos as an alarm. Another interesting feature is that it can also play the custom message in three different voice styles preset-up. Personally, this online alarm clock is my favourite.

#6. – Link

online stopfree online alarm clock

This website provides a variety of clock types. Starting from a chess clock to a bomb clock, it has some cool clocks on their list. Again, the alarm clock is just a small app and easy to set-up an alarm.

#7. – Link free online alarm clock

Another old-style clock which supports different sizes and sounds. It also contains other clocks like timer, countdown, counter, 24-hour clock etc.

One cool feature of this free online alarm clock is it keeps playing the synchronised background sound in sync with the set background theme. For example, if you set ‘Washing Machine’ as a background image then this online alarm clock matches the sound like a real washing machine.

Well, the count of free online alarm clocks is endless today with everyone providing different functionalities. There are other few online alarm clocks as well, and I am sharing these as reference Kuku clock, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, etc.

Which is your favourite online alarm clock?

Finally, I must say that we must give our gratitude to the web developers for developing these great online alarm clocks. They deserve some credit for this.

Online Alarm clocks are an excellent way to jazz up our morning with some cool sounds. Today you can keep Megadeth or Metallica video as your wake-up alarm rather than the usual cracking whistling sound of a traditional alarm clock.

But on a safer side, we must not forget that hearing such high pitch sound every day could damage our ears as well. So, we need to be little careful in setting volume and type of sounds in these clocks.

Rahul is a technology geek and a professional Java developer. He is FIDE rated Chess player and he loves to spend his free time playing Bullet Chess. Currently, he is residing in NewJersey with his wife and a cute daughter. He loves writing about latest technologies and job opportunities.