10 Best and Free Torrent Clients of 2020

Torrents are the best way to download large files from the internet. But the alone torrent file is not sufficient to get the destination file stored your PC or portable gadget. You require a torrent downloader or a torrent client program to execute the torrent file to download the necessary data with ease.  Also, the application works over the BitTorrent network.

Over a period, torrent programs have evolved a lot. Some started as an open source now have become an exclusive software. Although, there are still several open source torrent clients which are available at free of cost.


Also, there are mainly two types of torrent software programs. The first type is cloud-based and does not require you to download or install any software on your system. The second type is like any other software program which requires installation on a computer or portable gadget such as smartphone, tablets, etc. Both kinds have their own merits and demerits. Overall, you have to be the best judge after going through their features in detail.

Free torrent clients

1. uTorrent

Lightweight and fast

Regular updates and bug fixes

Has ads

µTorrent is the most popular torrent client and has over 100 million users across the globe. It is a freemium application where the free version has most of the basic functionality of a torrent downloader with advertisements. Its size is small and utilises low PC resource.

Some essential features of uTorrent are the ability to prioritise torrent files, bandwidth control, RSS Downloader, IP filtering, IPv6 support, encryption, torrent creation tool, remote web access, Full proxy server support, etc. It is available in 67 different languages. BitTorrent owns uTorrent and thus a reliant option. It is available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android platform. Know more

2. qBittorrent

Open source and Ad-free

Occupy less space and low PC utilisation

Fewer add-ons

qBittorrent is free, open source and advertisement free torrent client. You do not have to pay a single dime for its add-ons. The program does take less space in your system and utilises fewer resources.

It has features such as sequential download, bandwidth scheduler, media player option, IP filtering, IPv6 compliant, torrent creation tool, encryption, etc. It is also available in 70 different languages and supports BitTorrent extensions and protocols such as magnet links, private torrent link, DHT, PEX and LSD. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Know More

3. Vuze

Built-in search function

Media player

The free version has Ads.

Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, is a worthy contender among various torrent downloaders. It has free as well as paid version. Its free version has advertisements, whereas paid version has no ads and has features such as DVD-writer, ability to play media during download and antivirus protection.

Its features include media player option, access to Vuze torrent bundles, password protection option, sequential download, swarm discoveries, location discoveries, bandwidth scheduler, IP filtering, RSS feed, torrent creation tool, etc. It is available in 38 different languages and has support on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android platform. Know more

4. Deluge

No ads

Open source and lightweight

No search functionality

Deluge is open source torrent client and has an Ad-free interface. It is an amazingly lightweight application where most of out of box functionalities come in the form of plugins. It has Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox plugins.

Some of its notable features are Selective Downloading, Web seeds, Protocol Encryption, UPnP, NAT-PMP, Proxy support, IPv6 support and bandwidth control. Deluge is available on almost all popular platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Know more

5. BitTorrent

Inbuilt search functionality

Regular updates and bug fixes

Has Ads

BitTorrent Inc. own BitTorrent and also it is the first torrent client who came in the market. In short, it belongs to the torrent creator itself. It is a freemium program. In the paid version, you can stream without waiting for the whole file to get downloaded. Other paid features are HD media player, malware & virus scan and integrated file conversion.

Its primary features are automatic bandwidth adjustment based on internet speed, IP filtering, IPv6 support, torrent creation tool, RSS downloader, Full proxy server support, encryption, remote web access, etc. Know more

6. FrostWire

Free torrent client with no ads

Built-in media player & search browser

Has bundled software with setup file

FrostWire is a cloud downloader, BitTorrent Client and a media player. It is one of the most loved free torrent clients among people who look for free music downloads, free app downloads and free video downloads.

Its features include IPv6 support, RSS reader, bandwidth control on individual torrent file, scheduler to limit the bandwidth, encryption, etc. FrostWire helps various content creators, Musicians, Film Makers, Writers, Game Developers, Software Developers, etc. to distribute their work for free to millions of users worldwide. The distribution is legal since all content fall under Creative Commons License. Know more

7. BitLord

Free torrent client

Ability to stream videos and audio with inbuilt search option

Has Ads

BitLord is a free torrent client that works on Mac OS and Windows. It has no support for Linux OS. It has some notable features such as built-in search browser, subtitles support, Chromecast support, Airplay support and ability to stream videos and audios.

Other features include IPv6 support, RSS reader, bandwidth control on individual torrent file, option to lower the upload limit of any torrent file to zero, scheduler to limit the bandwidth, encryption, etc. Know more

8. BitComet

Free torrent client with no ads

Built-in search function

It is not available for Mac OS and Linux.

BitComet is a free torrent downloader that only works with Windows. Its some unique features include the ability to arrange downloaded files in separate folders by type of data, a native Anti-virus program on your system can scan the torrent files and can function as a download manager.

Other features include bandwidth scheduling, Web seeding, ability to prioritise download of specific individual files in a torrent file, share your torrent file on a P2P network with others, etc. However, you cannot individually limit the bandwidth of the different torrent files. BitComet is available in 52 languages. Know more

9. Filestream.me

No need to install any software

Your IP address remains hidden.

Have Ads and downloaded files are stored for a limited time

FileStream.me does not require you to download any software or application on to your system. It provides you with a private cloud storage option and torrent client service. It is a freemium service.

Whenever you download torrents from any typical torrent client, your IP is open to the public. The workaround is either VPN or Proxy server. But on FileStream, your IP is hidden, and the download happens on your behalf without revealing your IP details.

Some of the quick highlights of its features are audio and video streaming, maintain anonymity, batch download capability, etc. Apart from torrent files, you can also download files from YouTube, Mediafire, 4Shared, Novafile, nitroflare, etc.

You cannot download more than two torrent files at a time. Free version also has restrictions on download limit, which is 200 MB. The downloaded torrent file will only stay on FileStrem.me server for three days. You will have to download the files on your PC within this period. It has Android application and Chrome extension. Know more

10. ZbigZ

No need to install any software

Simple to use and your IP remain hidden.

Slow download speed with the free account.

ZbigZ is a freemium web-based BitTorrent client. You do not have to download any torrent downloader on your system. Everything happens on a web portal, and the only requirement is a web browser.


The maximum size of the torrent file which you can download with ZbigZ is 1 GB. ZbigZ server will keep the downloaded file for seven days. You must have an account with ZbigZ for saving torrent files on its server. Free users won’t get more than 150 KB/sec as downloading speed, which is quite low. It has a dedicated mobile website. Know more

Over to you

Caution: Any torrent client application is legal to install or use. However, it is the content which could be illegal to download if it has copyright protection. It is essential to be aware since you never know when you can land yourself in a legal pit.

History speaks for itself and reveals that most people downloaded movies, music and software with the help of torrent without even thinking of copyright infringements. Nowadays there are several websites to download free movies and download free music legally.


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