The 13 Best FM & Internet Radio Stations You Need to Tune-into

The radio stations provided below work at the given frequencies in the area that it is broadcasted in, mostly in the US. People from other parts of the world can access these FM Internet Radio stations for free from the online link provided in each station. All that you will be needing is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

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1. WHTZ- FM- Z100

WHTZ has its name in the list of the top 40 stations playing top music from all genres such as pop, R&B, rock, etc. It also plays American Top 40 every Sunday hosted by none other than Ryan Seacrest and also ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ every day from 10 am to 2 pm.

2. 89.7 WKSU

WKSU is a non- commercialized radio station and is home to both speech-related topics as well as music. The Radio station has four channels covering a morning edition, Folk Music, Classical Music, and WKSU News. It initially started as just a workshop by the Kent State University in 1941 before it became an official educational station in the year 1949.


This FM radio station is also one of the top 40 radio stations. It is rated #1 in Los Angeles playing genres from Pop to Hip-Hop to EDM. It also features Ryan Seacrest and other famous personalities. This FM station can be found on the iHeart Radio app. The station as two channels a normal analog one and 24-hour dance music. It was also named ‘The Station of the year’ in 2007 and currently ranks at number 1 in LA.

 4. KUTX

The Austin based radio station is a 24-hour music hotspot for all those music lovers who just don’t get tired of music. You can have access to it through the online link even if you don’t live in Austin.  The station plays a range of music and live-shows from both new artists and old portraying the best of Austin.


The Radio station plays songs of many varieties with its primary focus on Rock music. It is a go-to place for Rock Music lovers. It was also home to ‘The Howard Stern Show’ until 2005. The station has gone through a lot of changes but has stuck to its Alternative Rock genre.

  • Frequency: 3 MHz
  • Broadcasting Area: New York City
  • Owner: Entercom
  • Web App


This radio station is Seattle based and mainly plays music from the genre of Indie and Alternative Rock. Other than Rock the remaining time is dedicated towards genres like punk, country, hip-hop, and blues. The station also plays live sessions. The artists who perform are both national and international stars such as Harvey Danger, Maktub, and Patti Smith.


WFMU with its headquarters in New Jersey is one of the US’s oldest and longest-running radio stations. It plays music from all genres with its primary focus on alternative rock. WFMU was named the best radio station by the Rolling Stones from 1991-1994 and is a favorite of many A-list artists like Led Zeppelin, Kurt Cobain, Cindy Sherman Ted Leo and many more.

8. BBC Radio 6

Having won many nominations and awards, BBC Radio is one of the best radio stations all over the world today. The radio station is not biased and plays the music of all genres. This station was the first music station that the BBC launched after 32 years in 2002.


The name this radio station works under is, and its Disc Jockeys play a wide range of music of every genre live in-studio. The station also broadcasts talk shows and news by Adam Klugman and Carl Wolfson. The studio includes more than 70 DJs who take care of the music.

10. WWOZ

This station cherishes its culture and mostly specializes in music from the most famous genres of Jazz and Blues. The station broadcasts a lot of live music, and since it encourages local culture, the local artists get a lot of breaks to be on the radio and showcase their talent. The best thing about the station is that all the hosts are volunteers and are not paid any money.

11. KCRW

Based in Santa Monica, KCRW is a radio station that broadcasts both news as well as music. The main feature of the station is its three-hour music program everyday known as ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ hosted by the music director of the station. The famous radio station has helped artists like Coldplay, David Gray, and Norah Jones and also plays a lot of live music.

12. WQXR

This station is based in New Jersey but does its broadcasting in New York City. The radio station is known to play classical music and also one which is most-listened-to by people all over America. It also has a channel primarily dedicated to opera music. It is a favorite of all music composition lovers with compositions by living artists.


13. Radio Free Brooklyn

This radio station is NGO based in Brooklyn and offers free access to it via the internet. It has more than 66 programs and promotes local artists and other NGOs. The radio station provides a mix of both talk and music without any restrictions on its hosts. Some prominent personalities who have visited this station are Robert Downey, John Hall, Annie Finch, Charles Busch, and many more.


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